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A n o r e x i a: A Fatal Disease

Anorexia is one of the major eating disorders that affect plenty of people all over the world (particularly developed by American and European countries). Another fact is – females are more affected as compared to men. In fact, the girls of young age avoid eating to keep their bodies fat free. Gradually, this becomes an obsessive disorder, which at a later stage develops into a compulsive disorder.


Anorexia is one of the most dangerous disorders because it makes people weak and lanky. The affected people deliberately starve themselves due to an obsessive fear of becoming obese. If this disorder is cured on time, then at times it can be fatal.


Generally, anorexia is caused by negative influence of fashion. In today’s world, it is believed that thinness is the symbol of beauty; so, this maxim attracts mostly the young girls. In order to look and feel beautiful, they believe they have to be thin. Gradually, this wish turns into an obsession and they start considering themselves overweight. This dangerous thinking compels the girls and young women to starve to further lose their weight. In addition, people with pro-anorexia attitude encourage the anorexia people; so it further exacerbates the lives of anorexics. These pro-anorexic people contradict the medical science that anorexia is a disorder.


However, there are forums, where this issue and other related problems have been discussed in details. There are groups that provide relevant information to help these people. In fact, the primary objective of these groups is to make them feel – this is a fatal disorder. The important part of the treatment is only to make them feel the negativity of anorexia.


Moreover, anorexia is a curable disease, provided the patient realizes the severe consequences of the disease.  

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