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If you want to make a difference in someone's like while also making a new friend and possibly even more, then have a look around this online community dedicated to prison pen pals and how to go about becoming one.
Use this community to findPrison Pen Pals. We give you access to hundreds of Photos and Addresses of Prison Inmates wanting Pen Pal letters. By becoming a pen pal you can do your part to help someone turn their life around.

Prison Pen Pals Are Waiting
You can help make someone feel good and open yourself to a whole other side of life through prison pen pals. See how easy it is to start corresponding today.

Find Prison Pen Pals
Finding a Prison Pen Pal for friendship or even romance is as easy as a few clicks! You can find addresses and photos of prison inmates wanting pen pal letters right here.

Prison Pen Pals - Breakin' Out of the Usual Ways To Make A Difference
Pen pals ain't what they used to be. Not only because most people opt to communicate via email now but also because it was once unheard of for people to have Prison Pen Pals at all, let alone services dedicated to finding prisoners to write to! As shocking as this concept may be to some, the truth is that people make mistakes...some bigger and more serious ones than other, but this doesn't mean that they don't deserve to be able to communicate with people outside the system!
While some may find the idea of a felon as a pen pal to be a bad idea, many can see past the striped jumper...okay, orange jumper...and understand that this is actually a pretty cool opportunity to learn about a side of life that we don't all get to witness. Aren't you at least a little curious about what goes on in the penn?? Maybe wondering if what you saw on 'OZ' was accurate? Hmmm?? Then you can also consider the good that you're doing by befriending someone who could really use the distraction and interaction. It's been noted that a lot of inmates not only really love having someone new to communiate with outside their four walls, but they also really look forward to getting these letters! Think of the arm and fguzzy feeling you'll have making someone else feel all warm and fuzzy inside those cold prison walls.
One especially interesting trend in the whole Prison Pen Pals world is the use of these services for making a love connection. Yes, you read right; there are people who specifically seek out men or women in prison so they can start writing to each other in hopes of finding love via the mail! There are paying services that women can use to find the photos and addresses of prisonn inmates wanting letters and love. Thanks to the good ol' internet these women can access these services a whole lot faster and start lookin' for love in all the wrong places in no time! I may joke, but it turns out that these sorts of prison pen pal set ups have actually proved sucessful for some couples. And really, how great must it be for an inmate who is paying off his debt to society to know that there is love waiting for him when he gets out. It's gotta make things feel a lot more hopeful and even happy in an otherwise potentially miserable situation. And that amazing feeling of new love feels just as amazing in prison as anywhere else.
If you want to find a service for Prison Pen Pals you don't need to look much further than your computer since the internet is full of such services; some free and some paid. Actually, even schools are now setting children up to communicate with Prison Pen Pals as a way to teach children tolerance whiel also helping in the rehabilitation of an inmate.
Whether you're cool with it or not, you can't deny that it's an idea that has its good side. There is never anything wrong with helping someone even if only by a mere scratch of the pen.