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Paranormal Place reaches out to otherworldly things....other dimensions, other realities as supernatural, UFOs and Alien theories and encounters, and all things metaphysical, mystical and ghostly.

Centrum voor Psychotronische Studies en Onderzoeken
Information about a Belgian parapsychological research society. Also information about paranormal phenomena, research and results.

The Vampire/Donor Alliance
For self-identified vampires...and the people who love them.

The Supernatural Zone
This site is dedicated to anything dealing with the Supernatural, Unexplained Phenomena, and the Paranormal. There are over 40 separate pages on this site dedicated to these topics (way too many to list ...

The Eternally Restless Ghosts and Paranormal Research
This is a new site for true stories and investigations into the paranormal. Stop on in and have a look! All comments and stories Welcome!

The Supernatural Zone (on Geocities)
This site is dedicated to anything dealing with the Supernatural, Unexplained Phenomena, and the Paranormal. There are over 40 separate pages on this site dedicated to these topics (way too many to list ...

Ghost Files
A collection of personal ghost stories from the webmasters and their visitors. Unexplained photographs are included. Ghost links, evp audio files, and a state by state listing of ghost hunters.

Groovie Ghosts' Website
Everything about ghosts and myself

Carrosels Supernatural 2001
A Family Friendly Site featucommunity Aliens, Ufos, StarWars & StarTrek

Freddy's Paranormal Horizons
This site is dedicated to the Paranormal and other strange and unexplained topics (Ghosts, Bigfoot, The Chupacabra, The Loch Ness Monster, etc. etc.) Post your own story or encounter on this site. {;}

The Paranormal Realm
Ghostly encounters, crop circles, sirens ... you can find it all here at the Paranormal Realm!

Mysteries of Trox
Journey into the wonders and mysteries of time untime of ancient Cherokee and ancient Troy thru the eyes of a Troas Cherokee family.

Mission Statement: To assist in humanity's preparation to Ascension and taking their rightful place in the universe.

Mystic Fire
your guide to everything supernatural

Aware Foundation: Deliverance Ministry
Visit our site for information on paranormal. The site includes pictures, links, and stories revolving around the paranormal world. The site also has case studies of deliverance prayers being delivered ...

Gettysburg Ghosts
Site dedicated to paranormal activity in Gettysburg, and sites located in MD, PA, VA, and WV.

Paranormal Links
Interesting links to sites about ghosts, ndes, spirit guides, and more...

Miami Ghost Chronicles
The place to submit your true ghost story and read others that have been submitted. Interesting information and links to other paranormal and ghost sites.

The Shamans Path
Exploration of the Philosophy and Practice of Shamanism. Origins of the Human-Plant symbiosis exchange info on entheobatanicals and their uses...also on many topics associated with shamanism, including ...

Crypto Creep
An image archive of paranormal and unbelievable pictures gathered from across the WWW

SpiritFire's Ghost Page
Things that go bump in the night.

Ghost Guide to: Southern England
Ghosts and Hauntings in South England, personal accounts and storys i have been told throughout the years. Dorset, Cornwall and Devon and have made the site especially for these countys.{;}

Radio FREQUENCE Evasion
Our radio is specialized on parapsychology since 1998. You will find on our web site : an association list, a calendar, a bibliography, a real audio program and a forum.

Paranormal Pub
Paranormal Pub offers a vast amount of ghost and ghost hunting info,web site links,ghost cam links, and cam captures.

Staten Island Paranormal Society
We are Staten Island Paranormal Society, a Paranormal Investigative group based out of Staten Island, NY. We investigate homes and businesses. Check out our website for places we have investigated and ...

Crypto Florida
A place to visit and discuss Cryptid activity and Paranormal happening in Florida and Beyond. You can take part in the Forums and even play a few games if you want. We are open to all beliefs but do NOT ...