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Dedicated to all Vietnam Veterans,Memories from Vietnam,POW/MIAs,Nurses,The Families we left behind,PSTD and Agent Orange- the never ending war, Vietnam Memorial Wall,Sept 9 2001,Keep the Home fires burning,all ...

O'Reilly-Fire Home on the Web
Oriented to the fire service, POW/MIA, LT Jack Rittichier, fire service, military, Special Forces, Ketchikan Fire Department, Det A114, Utah Vietnam Veterans #924, Coast Guard

U.S. Veterans Dedication Page
Dedicated to all U.S. veterans, past and present.

Grumpy's POW/MIA Memorial Page
This site is dedicated to all that have served, to those that gave all in the service of their country, and to those still listed as POW/MIA.

True American Heros
This site to honor our true American Hero's which are POW/MIA's.Links to{;}my three adopted POW/MIA's.Steven Adams,USAF. Rodney Griffin,U.S.Army.{;}Randolph U.S.Army MACV-SOG.

Dedicated to Col Charles Ervin Shelton
Dedicated to Air Force Colonel Charles Ervin Shelton, who for many, many years was the LAST officially recognized POW/MIA from Southeast Asia.

IBOWW's Site Dedicated to ALL POW/MIA's
Honocommunity all POW/MIA's, bcommunitying awareness to their cause! There is a dedication page honocommunity Robert Charles Lopez, USMC, KIA, body not recovered.

My Rememberance page for Capt. Ronald W. Forrester, USMC
This is my rememberance page for Captain Ronald. W. Forrester.!

William Darrell Johnson: POW/MIA??
My POW/MIA site is in honor of William Darrell Johnson. Went missing January 19, 1968.

Vietnam POW/MIA Capt. Warren Orr, Jr.
Information on Captain Warren Robert Orr, Jr., a Vietnam POW/MIA.

Inadventertly Left Behind
In 1975 a trio of U.S. Marines were inadvertently left behind on a small island in Cambodia.

Freedom is not Free
a site dedicated to Michael Paul Burns, and all who have served our country.

Missing but not forgotten
Personal dedication of my adopted POW/MIA, it's been online for many years, was a member of the original POW/MIA community but Yahoo take over messed that up.

POW/MIA's Bcommunity Them Home!
A page honocommunity Donald Bruce Bloodworth, a MiA who was prounounced KiA shortly after I adopted him.

POW/MIAs - America's Heroes
My Adopted MIA, Gregory Benton

In Honor of Michigan POW/MIAs: My Adopted POW-MIA, Louis Buckley, Jr.
Information about my adopted POW-MIA soldier, Louis Buckley, Jr. missing in action since 21 May 1966.

82nd Fighter Group
This site is dedicated to preserving the memory of the 82nd Fighter Group, especially ducommunity WWII. Detailed rosters, lists of POW-MIA, KIA, victories, and reports from WWII.

POW/MIA Tribute
A Tribute To Arthur James Beach My Adopted POW/MIA

In Honor of Major John Martin Brucher
This is just one page of my site Fallen Heroes, a memorial and honor site for various fallen heroes. Contained within this site are pages for September 11, 2001, the space shuttle Challenger and Columbia, ...

My Adopted POWMIA David Pecor Soyland
A memorial to a POWMIA from the Vietnam War. Adopted POWMIA David Pecor Soyland

Frank Alton Armstrong III
A Louisana Vietnam Hero.

My Adopted POW / MIAs
My three adopted heroes.

My Forgotten Hero
This page is dedicated to Charles Levis. A missing American from Texas.

In The Wind
This page gives a brief history on to why there are POW/MIAs. Also, that Canadians fought, served and died in Southeast Asia while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

To Wear A Bracelet. In Honor of Edward Willing
This is to make you think. Please do that, and then go out and take action!

Please Do not let this go on any longer! Read the information, and go out and do something about it! Contact your congress, senate, and President. Do it now.

SGT Larry Wayne Maysey
POW/MIA remembrance page for SGT Larry Wayne Maysey, USAF.

COL Gregory Inman Barras
POW/MIA remembrance page for COL Gregory Inman Barras, USAF.

SGT James Douglas Locker
POW/MIA remembrance page for SGT James Douglas Locker, USAF.

SSGT Elmer Larry Holden
POW/MIA remembrance page for SSGT Elmer Larry Holden, USAF.

CMS Charles Douglas King
POW/MIA remembrance page for CMS Charles Douglas King, USAF.

MAJ Carl Berg Mitchell
POW/MIA remembrance page for MAJ Carl Berg Mitchell, USAF.

James Randall Williams
A Page Dedicated to my adopted POW, James Randall Williams

Kimberly's POW/MIA Page
POW/MIA Page that has information on Charles Finney, Steven Armistead, Elbert Wayne Bush, Franklin Zollicoffer, Charles Franklin Wallace, and Walter Joseph Taylor, Jr. They are my adopted missing soldiers ...

John Garrett Gardner - MIA
Name: John Garrett Gardner {;}Rank/Branch: O3/US Marine Corps {;}Unit: HHM 165, Marine Air Group 36{;}Date of Birth: 20 July 1940{;}Home City of Record: Hot Spcommunitys {;}Loss Date: 03 June 1967{;}Country ...

My POW/MIA page
My POW/MIA page, in honor of Steve Geist and all other American POW/MIA's. God bless you guys.

Big Lou's POW/MIA Edward J. Rykoskey
Big Lou's Tribute to Edward J. Rykoskey, for my Freedom.

Minnesota's American Heroes
A tribute to the POW/MIA's from the Vietnam War. To be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Andre R. Guillet
Pow - MIA site for andre R. Guillet

Sonja's POW/MIA pages
Sonja's Angels of Hope is a site that offers support and resources to Christian Women with Chronic Pain and Illness.. along with Resources to POW/MIA information..

Life in the Slow Lane
Tribute to the military.Pow_Mia page for Richard E.Dreher.Tribute to the police.Life in small town,USA.Days of yesteryear and today.Family life featucommunity our 4 children,3 grandbabies,and 8 cats.Featucommunity ...

Wonderful Miracles™
Wonderful Miracles™ is a family safe site. Teaching without ever preaching ... grab a loved one & explore together!

Francis J. McGouldrick
POW - MIA site for Francis J. McGouldrick

POW/MIA Harold L. Algaard
POW/MIA Harold L. Algaard

POW/MIA Richard C. Anshus
POW/MIA Richard C. Anshus

POW/MIA John E. Bailey
POW/MIA John E. Bailey

POW/MIA Charles J. Bebus
POW/MIA Charles J. Bebus

POW/MIA Cole Black
POW/MIA Cole Black

POW/MIA Paul V. Carlson
POW/MIA Paul V. Carlson

POW/MIA Richard E. Bolstad
POW/MIA Richard E. Bolstad