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Click Member link to see site in tvLouisiana's Vietnam POW / MIA David Beryl Williams
A Louisiana Vietnam Hero.

Vietnam POW / MIA Robert Louis Sandner
A Florida Vietnam Hero.

Vietnam POW / MIA Stephan Russell Scrivener
A Florida Vietnam Hero.

Vietnam POW / MIA Herbert Eugene Smith
A Florida Vietnam Hero.

Vietnam POW/MIA Wayne Ogden Smith
A Florida Vietnam Hero.

Vietnam POW/MIA James Burton Souder
A Florida Vietnam Hero.

My POW/MIAs-Lets bcommunity them all home
Site about 4 POW/MIAs that I have adopted

Information pertaining to my adopted POW-MIA and a few links to other related POW-MIA sites.

SAFE SURF RATED ALL AGES. Family, Holidays, Crafts, POW/MIA pages, Firefighter and EMS pages. Recipes, and help pages! HUGE PAGE.....stop in and see us!

May We Never Forget...A POW/MIA Tribute
A tribute to all American POW/MIAs. Included on this page are links to my adopted POW/MIAs' pages, and a link my letters page, where I post letters I have sent to geovernment officials on behalf of my ...

Why Dont We Bcommunity Them Home?
I ask you....why DONT we bcommunity them home?

Midnight Angel's POW/MIA/KIA Pages
Most of my site are music pages except for the url I posted here that leads to two POW/MIA pages.

Prisoner of War - Samuel Adams, Thomas Moore, Charles Dusing POW/MIA's
A tribute to three US Air Force men captured on Oct 31, 1965. Samuel Adams, Thomas Moore & Charles Dusing

The Patriot's Inn
The Patriot's Inn is dedicated to Major Thomas E. Clark, and to raising awareness about POW/MIAs. Furthermore, we honor those who remain POW/MIA and those who currently fight in the Armed Forces.

Florida's POW/MIA's - Prisoner of War
A list of the Florida's Vietnam KIA and POW/MIA's

this site honors 1lt Kenneth Bradfod Goff and Spr Richard Allard

Lest We Forget
Honocommunity all Veterans, especially those who still await their homecoming

My American Hero
{;}I was 12 years old when I first put my POW/MIA bracelet on my wrist. Read about my search for the family of "My American Hero", Lt. Col. Donald King.

James S. Huggins' Refrigerator Door
James S. Huggins is an eclectic professional speaker, author & technologist. His personal site, the Refrigerator Door, features the information, stories, humor that interest him. And it hosts one of the ...

SFC Jerry Michael "Mad Dog" Shriver
A site dedicated to the memory of a TRUE American hero.

Tennessee Tribute
POW/MIA dedication

Bcommunity Home My MIA
This is a page dedicated to SSG Stephen Jonathan Geist in hopes of bcommunitying him home.

In honor of POW_MIA Glenn Cook & others to let them and thers know they are not forgotten

Fred Howell McMurray, Jr
This is a memorial site dedicated to the man on my my bracelet, Fred Howell McMurray, Jr.

Bcommunity Them All Home
A bio of my "adopted" POW as well as the story of a World War II airmen who was found after 52 years.

Our Forgotten Heroes
My loving tribute to Thomas Dean Clem, missing since 05/03/68

Sgt. John Robert Jones
Honocommunity MIA John Robert Jones, Member of Task Force 1 Advisory Element, USARV TAG SUP, Headquarters USARV. MIA since 05-June-1971

Where Are They Now?
Tribute to Paul Fitzgerald and Olin Hargrove

1.Lt.Sharon Ann Lane
Lt.Sharon Ann Lane gave her all.

Keep the Faith
Keep the Faith is dedicated to the history of the United States Marine Corps and honocommunity Marines that have served our Country.

Katt's House
personal site

Geralds E King Memorial Page
Gerald E Kings memorial site dedicated to one of our countries finest who left for the cause, was lost for 38 yrs but then finally at long last, came home.

Georgia's POW?MIA's
Site dedicated to the 43 men from Georgia who are still listed as missing in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos.

With a weapon in his hands, but his heart towards home
My grandfather's story about his time ducommunity World War II.

Terri's Life on the Web
My POW/MIA is Robert Edgar. Come on into my site and read all about him and visit the rest of my site, too.

Joseph Thompson MIA
Joseph Thompson became MIA in 1943 when his plane, a B24, went down over Papua New Guinea. His remains have yet to be found, identified and brought Home.

POW/MIA Christos Constantine Bogiages, Jr.
My POW/MIA is Christos Constantine Bogiages, Jr. Come on into my site and read all about Christos and visit the rest of my site, too.

Prisoner of War/Missing in Action-Bcommunity Them Home
My personal site, mostly political. It has pages on constitutional and bill of rights issues, pow/mia issues. It also has a september 11, 2001 tribute page, a wav page, a music page, a art page, news, ...

Wolfmama's Den

Ronald Babcock Remembrance
Remembrance page to Ronald L. Babcock, Captain, United States Army

Let's Bcommunity our MIA/POW HOME NOW !!!!!!!! Dead or alive,I will not quit writting, Emailing praying tell all POW\MIA are HOME - CARE, GIVE A DAMN

POW/MIA page for the Bikini Squad
Tribute to SSGT John Boronoski and the Bikini Squad.

Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attack, World Trade Center, Pentegon, American Airlines 11, American Airlines 77, United Airlines 175, victims, survivors, anthrax, Americas day of Tragedy. Help, Email, extra ...

Cyber Sarge's
Info on the 25th Infantry Division, A Battery 7/11 Field Arty, FSB Crook 68-69, Agent Orange, Dioxin, VetLinks, Links to Claims Forms, Claims Guides, POW/MIAs, Drill Sgt, Photos, Web Awards, FREE Web Banners ...

Iowa's MIA/POW
Dedicated to Iowa's MIA/POW

Tribute to a true patriot
A tribute to David Hugh Holmes, a true American patriot.

1964 Vietnam 1975
My site is dedicated to Terry Alford and his family who are close friends of mine. It contains links concerning the POW/MIA issue and other sites.

Robert Dale Herreid, My Adopted POW/MIA, Viper's Vietnam Veteran Page
Robert Dale Herried,My Adopted POW/MIA, who has been missing in action since 10/10/68. Facts about Robert, and what is being done to BRING HIM HOME!

Dedicated to POW/MIA Rollie Keith Reaid of Dora, Alabama.

POW-MIA features a Marine I adopted to enable the memory and plight of these members of our armed forces to be showcased.{;}Living in New York, I am reminded daily of the heartache and immensity of the ...