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Do you have a great Harry Potter fan site? Potterific! is about all the terrific Harry Potter fan sites on the web.

The Patronus
The Patronus is a great site for HP news, rumors, etc! Get sorted by the Sorting Hat! Get a Gcommunityotts account and buy books from Flourish and Blotts or a wand from Olliviander's! There's so much ...

ULTIMATE Harry Potter: Home of HP Fanatics
The boy who lived; the website that conquered. The moral of the story: don't count your favorite Harry Potter websites until you look at this one!

Castle Fae
Attend classes at Hogwarts; get your school supplies in Diagon Alley; visit the Forbidden Forest and 'drink' a Butter Beer in Hogsmeade. Free-for-link Harry Potter globes and clip art.

Harry Potter Page
Alot of fanfiction, Just a great site to see if your a Harry Potter fan like me.

A Harry Potter RPG blog ^_^ It's small, but growing!

Chambers Hogwarts
This site is a Harry Potter RPG. Be sorted, attend classes, play quidditch, hang out with friends.

Harry Potter Opinions
Do you want Harry Potter pictures, name origins, creature definitions, rumors, links, summaries, news, info, games, fashion Harry Potter Dollz, quizzes, quotes, and so much more? Visit Harry Potter Op ...

Tiny Q's Harry Potter Space
This is my very own Fan Site, filled with my own Fan Art as well as my friend Gin Chan. There are tons of fan fics from various authors as well as plenty of generaly entertaining stuff!

Gotta Love Harry
An awesome site dedicated to JK Rowling's Masterpiece for Harry Potter Lovers!

The Sorcerer's Spleen
Join my message board!

Harry Potter
A cool site with heaps of pics, info , links and a message board!!!!!

Harrys Hogwarts
A time of evil has spread over the wizarding world. Harry Potter is but a small child, Voldermort is nowhere to be found, but there are more evils in the world! Come join the fun. We need strong wizards ...

Harry Potter Library
AU fan fiction. Main characters include Harry Potter and Sirius Black with appearances by Remus Lupin, the Weasleys, Severus Snape, and Albus Dumbledore.

Phoenix Ashes
Bella's haven for Slytherin Lovin'! Fanfiction and fanart abound!

Arwen's Hogwarts School of W&W RPG
A cool new RPG based on harry potter! Have fun taking classes, playing quidditch and much much more!!!!

Black Roses for Sirius
A blog dedicated to the remembrance of Sirius Black, and his unwavecommunity loyalty to the Potters and his other closest friends.

Renewed Hogwarts
Years have passed since Hogwarts was destroyed. Dumbeldore and Snape were gone for a century. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy have become legends! Find out more about the 4 ghosts, the fortune teller, the ...

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
It\'s Harry\'s 7th year and the wizarding world is still coping with all its old issues only to find new challenges. The lines between good and bad can be ambiguous and friends can sometimes hardly be ...

The Cupboard Under the Stairs
A fun harry potter forum site with images, and downloads for you to use. Check us out and join the fun.

Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts

Hogwarts RPG
You can attend class, get house points, and get sorted by the Sorting Hat! All the fun is happening at Hogwarts RPG!!

~*Marauders by Moonlight*~
Created in the summer of 2001, ~*Marauders by Moonlight*~ started out as the fan fiction of one author. Today, it hosts the stories of nearly fifty authors. Every fan fiction submitted is accepted, creating ...

Aparecium RPG
It is several years after Voldemort's demise. Hogwarts appears to be thriving and problem-free. However, there may be more going on beneath the surface that not even Aparecium can reveal... We are ...

Hogwarts Bello
The year is now 2015, and Voldemort has been defeated. The Golden Trio and their friends, siblings, and rivals, have now grown up and started families of their own. Their children are growing up quickly, ...

A Site For Sorcery
The Year 2020 There is something wrong with the Ministry. They are panicking, they are paranoid. They're acting like You-Know-Who has a reincarnation...and perhaps he has. The Muggle World seems ...