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in a second
A fanfic archive focusing on 2nd-person POV stories.

the bottom!draco imporium!
a collection of bottom!draco fanworks. which is slash, if you didn't know. ^__^

phoenix ashes
Mistress Fyre's small, but swiftly growing archive of darkfics, fanart, and all things Slytherin! Slash friendly!

The Bard's Den
Rushlight's slash fanfiction. Present fandoms include Harry Potter, Star Wars:TPM, due South, Smallville, Final Fantasy III, The Sentinel, VampChron, and The X-Files.

Petrificus Totalis
This is a fanfic site that focuses on the character of Hermione Grnager. It's just starting out, but hopefully it will soon be a large archive with every Hermione ship and every rating catered for. So ...

Venus in the Twelfth House
Amatia's HP fanfiction

The Aimless Coy Den
All right, check this out - atm there are no "fics" per se (those might come soon). What I have is a sort of comic strip made from screenshots of The Sims game, all with Harry Potter characters. (Click ...

GMTH's Harry Potter Fan Fic
Harry Potter fan fic of all types: slash, het and gen. Something for everyone! Mainly Snape/Hermione, Snape/Harry and Harry/Lucius.

Harry Potter Fan Fics and More
A collection of various works by fans of the Harry Potter books, including original fan fics, art, and poetry. Currently accepting submissions by e-mail. E-mail webmistress to ask to be added to Mailing ...

Noire Sensus
A yaoi/slash fan site with a huge fanfiction archive for the entire Final Fantasy series, Harry Potter, Fushigi Yuugi, Lord of the Communitys, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tekken, and more. Submissions accepted. ...

...Mightier Than the Sword: Harry Potter Fan Fiction
...Mightier Than the Swords' page of Harry Potter fanfiction. All fic welcome, Harry/Draco preferred.

Blond & Blonde: A Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy Archive
Blond & Blonde is a Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy archive of fan fiction, artwork and related items, celebrating the relationship of Lucius and Narcissa in the various forms that it exists (largely devoid ...

Two fangirls conspire in the dead of night, giggling maniacally as they unleash Unspeakable Evil... Potterslash, a site dedicated to the torture, exploitation, annoyance, and eventual madness of Harry ...

Akutsuin's Malfoy Manor
Welcome to my collection of Harry Potter fanfiction. These stories are all Draco centric, with many different paicommunitys. Pull up a comfortable seat in the Malfoy Reading Room, pour yourself a fine ...

Magical Mystery
A fan fiction and art site, part of magic-hogwarts.com You can submit your own fics at this site, and read other peoples.

Cat Scratches
I'm just a poetic kitty, scratching away and producing original fiction, poetry, and most importantly, fan fiction. All my Harry Potter fan fiction can be found here.

Lumos: OrcaPotter's Official Archive
The official archive of all OrcaPotter's original Harry Potter fanfiction, fan art, and more. Features finished novels "Beyond the Emerald Green" and "Message In the Ashes".

Lilith Connor: Author & Avatar
Author & Avatar is split into 2 sections: Undercurrents, a slash HP fanfic archive with many paicommunitys & ratings, and Lupus et Serpens, the biography of my fanfic OC/avatar Lilith Connor.

PurpleLightning School of WitchCraft and Wizardry
PurplingLightning School of WitchCraft and Wizardry is a RPG website. It takes you back seven years before Harry was born. You will be roleplaying amoung some of the most famous students to come into ...

Blue Starfish Fan Fiction
A site for all fan-ficcers, beta readers or columnists. There's also exclusive forums for HP, LOTR, Reviews to stories, and a fantastic new Young Writers' Resource forum/website, as well as hosting for ...

surrounded by water
Passo's fan fiction archive. MOstly Harry Potter slash, featucommunity various paicommunitys.

The Order of the Golden Griffin
Welcome all Harry Potter fans, from trolls to pixies, gnomes to toads, humans to ogers. Welcome to the Home page for the Order of the Golden Griffin. This is a sociaty dedicated to Fan Fiction, the Books, ...

Pure Heart
A basic page listing information on recommended Harry Potter fanfictions. (Most can be found under fanfiction.net) Also includes status of stories written by Firestar.

Slash N\' Dice Yaoi
A site dedicated to yaoi/slash and includes an ever growing Harry Potter slash section. Includes mostly H/D and H/SS right now, more will ensue. Fanworks, galleries and more. G ratings to NC-17. Smut/PWP/Non-con ...

Phoenix Phiction
Posting system makes it easy to submit and update. All fics accepted, including Slash! Owned by TPY.