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a community for journallers/webloggers who participate in participation positives on a regular basis - people who like to try to start their week out on a positive note.

lily of the valley
the life & times of a young woman... her friends, family, & felines!

the story of a girl who shares truth for hopeless romantics in the digital world. its a journal all about me!

Thinking Out Loud
A 40 something road warrior's travels through airports and tales of the people he encounters.

The Party's Over
A SAHM's quest for the meaning of life and everlasting happiness... yup :)

Come On, Get Lively
A Writer's blog.

Twenty-something student about to get her degree in literature while trying to muddle through life while dealing with bipolar disorder, the death of her mother, and assorted things that aren't quite as ...

Neurotic Fishbowl
The Neurotic Fishbowl that is my life.

participation positives community homepage
the community homepage!

this little life of mine
My personal weblog.

Naomh Aingeal
The virtual soapbox for a college PolySci major. Enter random rant.

~* Dealing with Reality
The purpose of this blog is for me to share words of wisdom on dealing with life and reality. I shall post something short and simple and I hope my posts will help you to improve your life.

Glimpses of God
Promoting worship, praise, adoration, faith, hope, truth, brotherhood, unity, and love via scriptural methods of Bible Study; a must see site.

angst, rants and rambles of a fickle mind