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Click Member link to see site in tvWelcome to the Lazy Creek Zoo!
A blog of home, family and Christian issues by Canadian writer Cathi-Lyn Dyck

Somewhere Between Dreams
The half-mad meandecommunitys of a Canadian writer

Women of Truth - Pure & Simple
Daily/Weekly Bible-based food for thought. Various verse studies too. I am currently writing a Bible Study on Genesis for a group, and may post some stuff from that to get feedback.

Peek-a-boo ICU
Ever tried to hide from God? Yeah, me too. Just like Eve. But God still calls to us, "Come out, come out wherever you are." The Peek-a-boo ICU is a blog dedicated to calling others to the adventure of ...

GraceReign is written by a regular mom trying to let go of her boxes and live in the grace of Jesus. You'll find everything from Paula's random musings to thoughts on writing, homeschooling, and grace. ...

A Work of Heart
A Work of Heart is all about God and what He reveals to me through His Word, my life and everyday occurences. You will find encouragement from the Word, tidbits about being a woman and the various hats ...

minimal shrinkage
I'm a 35 year old mom to five kids ages 6-12. I love Jesus and laughing. How else could I survive?

In the Dailies
God is present always and everywhere. The problem is that we don't always recognize it. This site is my journey of finding and recognizing God in the dailies; in the ordinary, everyday points of life. ...

entertaining angels
Chronicles of motherhood and teaching

I am a writer, an artist, a musician and songwriter...but most of all I am a child of God. Welcome to my musings, ramblings and right-brained craziness!

Kittens Come From Eggs
A mishmash of faith and writing related topics. Occasional book reviews, marketing tips, and an ongoing journey slowly to be revealed.

The Savvy Christian Writer
Book Reviews, Writing Links, Christian Fiction Alliance Blog, Fiction in Rather Short Takes FIRST.

Three Girly Girlz
This is a daily journal of my life as a Christian, A wife, A mom and many other hats! I love to write and would one day love to be a Christian author, but only with God's guidance. Although you will see, ...

Signs, Dreams and Visions
Life is full of miracles, signs, dreams, and visions.

Wisdom Walk
Discovecommunity peace and joy through an intimate relationship with Christ which results in surrendecommunity to the wisdom and authority of a loving God. He is our strength and our refuge.

FreshBrewedWriter...living a fresh-brewed life
Frazzled woman seeks creative, interactive writing outlet and escape from dust and dishes. Thank you for reading! I'm an Air Force chaplain's wife and mother of two girls and a spoiled cocker spaniel. ...

The Celebrated Family
The Celebrated Family is a site devoted to celebrating family, friends and faith through devotions, crafts, and encouragement for Christian parents.

It Is All About God!!
This is where I ponder what my Jesus has done... in my life and all around me. he really is my hero and I pray that my testimony says it, loud and clear! I love my Jesus.

Tales of a Crazy Momma!!!
The life and times of a crazy Christian momma to two passionate boys and a wonderful husband. How do I do it? Only by the Grace of God!!

Nanna's Reflections
A blog consisting of devotional writing about family and children, posting of hymns, poems, recipes, book reviews, and riddles and fables which I create and/or adapt. Some posting about my writings and ...

chats with an "old lady"
a blog inspired by the mandate given in Titus 2:3-5

Praise, Prayers and Observations
Praise, Prayers and Observations is a blog of my writing life and my spiritual life. There may be some answers; there are probably more questions. :) There are definitely many observations.

Whistling in the Dark
The writing life meets the mommy life -and God provides the grace for both.

Novel Inspirations
Novel Inspirations helps writers of all stages through boosting inspiration. Need a laugh, quote or picture? Want to hear an inspicommunity story of an author who has been there before? Stop by today!

Thirsty for Him
An authentic, honest, reflective journaling of my journey with the Lord Jesus Christ. I love Him, and seek to grow in my relationship with Him. My blog describes how I live this out in daily life.

3 O's and Cheerios
The life of a very young Christian Mom, newly wed, birth mother, and college student. A busy life indeed, where sanity is found in writing.

toothdigger's comeback
a personal blog about my life, my views on political and social issues, my journal, poetry, photographs.

Confessions of a Head Hopper
Blog about writing

View From My Front Porch
Why the front porch? Most mornings I find myself sitting on my front porch just as the sun begins to rise and the birds begin their song. This is when I connect with God and it is from this time that most ...

Write and Whine
I am a Christian stay at home mother of 3 children. One of them has asperger's syndrome. In between school, baseball, ballet and piano lesssons, I am a writer.

Hill Country Thoughts
One heart, laid bare, letting others know they are not alone if they know Jesus. It beats inside Paul Dawn Jr., a prolific writer who created Hill Country Thoughts to encourage people to walk more closely ...

My Heart Displayed in Writing
Journey with me as I write through the day to day struggles and victories in life as a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let us all see the fingerprints of God as His faithfulness shines through each ...

Mumblings of a Mommy Monk
Heather Cox has a desire to be a catalyst for spiritual growth. Her heart is for the inner walk of faith.

Sharon's Quiet Reflections
Reflections of life and the Word of God. Writing in journals has always been theraputic-I've just carried it over into a blog.

Homemaking Cottage: Sanity with Seven
Iím Shiloah Baker, owner of The Homemaking Cottage. Iím a 29 year old mother of seven. One mom running to keep up with the madness of kids, homeschool, and working at home! This is my blog...

In His Footsteps
I\'m an American woman living in Taipei, Taiwan with my husband. I\'m an English teacher (for adults), and I try to learn more and more about God\'s plan for me in Taiwan every day. This blog is all about ...

Scraps of Glory
Small pieces of inspirational writings to incite praise and honor to our triune God. Short thoughts about Scriptures, quotes, hymns and poems, and other treasured words. Brief expositions about the challenges ...

A Musing Mom Speaks
One mom's thoughts on faith, parenting and life in general; along with some inexpensive gift ideas and instructions.

Grace Reddick, Author
Author of childrens book.

Join Me On the Journey
My purpose in writing is to help women to realize that Consistency and Obedience are keys to living a more fulfilling life and assist them in implementing lasting change in their lives.

Journals of the Heart
Journals of the heart is an oasis of quiet reflection and beauty. Through ministry and lifeís circumstances, we have come to realize the great need for a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. ...

Sincerely Me
My life as mom, teacher and everything in between.

Bill Pershing
Welcome to Zoelog!This blog originated as a way simply to write down my thoughts on various issues in the Scriptures and in life in a realistic way. ζωή- zōe Literally ...

Daily Provision
Seek to encourage other Christians in their journey through kid's stories, songs, devotionals, homeschooling info., etc. Seek to learn from and share with other Christians also. Want to share Christ's ...

Adventurous Living
A place where people may know that life with Jesus Christ is one amazing adventure.

Mimi's Pixie Corner
This is my spot for mayhem and mischief...thoughts, updates, new posts for my memoirs, tags, book reviews...just think of it as the Pixie Corner.

Ripples and Reflections...
A developing writer\'s blog discussing the art and business of writing, marriage, adoption, parenting, and daily christian life, while providing recent author, publication and literary film reviews.

From His Heart To Mine
One girl's ramblings about life, faith, and the joys and sorrows along the way.

A Joyful Life
At times thoughtful and occasionally hilarious, my life as a freelance writer, mom and prodigy grammy is anything but dull. I've learned to laugh to preserve my sanity. So far, it's working.

Proclaiming God's Faithfulness
I hope to encourage other women by shacommunity about God's faithfulness in my life.