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The Porsche 944 is one of those cars that never goes  out of style and will always get a bunch of oohs and ahhs as it passes. This community is for all of the oohers and ahhers as well as car collectors and dealers everywhere.
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Vroom Vroom – It’s the Porsche 944!

Somehow a sports car known by a number conjures up a vision of speed and maneuverability. That’s the Porsche 944!

Even though the Porsche 944 was manufactured only nine years, from 1982 to 1991, it remains a fondly remembered model. Originally it was planned to last into the 1990s, but its major revisions were rolled into its successor, the Porsche 968, instead.

The earlier Porsche 924 provided the basis for its successor, the 944. Porsche had bought the 924 design from Audi after Audi abandoned their joint project on the model. While the 1924 drove and handled well, auto enthusiasts criticized its 2-liter engine, an Audi holdover. Porsche tried to compensate by introducing a turbocharged 924, but a high price hampered sales. So instead Porsche decided to rework its 924 into the new 944 model.

The first thing Porsche did was to abandon the Audi engine. In its place Porsche installed a new all-alloy 2.5-liter straight-4 engine, chosen for its fuel efficiency and size.
 installing in its place a new all-alloy 2.5 litre straight-4 engine. To compensate for the four-cylinder engine’s harsh feel,  Porsche added two counter-rotating balance shafts running at twice the engine speed. Then the automaker revised the body styling to have wider wheel arches, similar to that of the 924 Carrera GT, put in a new interior and upgrade the braking and suspension systems..

Porsche introduced the 944 for model year 1982 to great anticipation. Car buffs found the Porsche 944 to be slightly faster than its predecessor, with better, more refined equipment, along with improved handling and greater driver comfort. The automaker claimed it could go from 0 to 60 mph in 9 seconds, and had a top speed of 130 mph. The changes in the model had given it nearly even front to rear weight distribution, thanks to the rear transaxle balancing our the front engine weight. Overall this gave the car very balanced handling.

In mid-1985 the 944 underwent significant changes:
•    new dash and door panels,
•    embedded radio antenna,
•    upgraded alternator (from 90 amp to 115 amp),
•    larger fuel tank,
•    Porsche HiFi sound system,

Also in 1985 Porsche introduced the 944 Turbo, a higher-performance model with a  a turbocharged and intercooled version of the standard engine that produced 220 hp (217 in the US) at 6,000 rpm. The turbo was the world's first car using a ceramic portliner to retain exhaust gas temperature. The Porsche 944 Turbo also featured better aerodynamics, a stronger gearbox, upgraded suspension and wider wheels,. More than 30 major engine changes were made to compensate for higher internal heat and loads.

By early 1990, after a series of several more model revisions and upgrades, Porsche engineers began working on the 944 S3, which they intended as the third evolution of the model. However, it wasn’t long in development before they realized, with so many changes on the drawing boards, that Porsche was creating an entirely new vehicle, which they dubbed the Porsche 968. As a result, the Porsche 944’s production ended with the 1991 model.

But what a ride it had been!