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The pop up camper continues to be one of the best and most economical choices when it comes to holidays. They're a few steps above sleeping in a tent, easy to use and able to go with you just about anywhere!
Have a look around this community for all kinds of popup trailers for sale as well as Popup Trailer Products for Pop up Camper for all years. We've got it all if you're looking for a Folding Trailer or Tent Camper.

Pop up Campers For Sale, Products
Find Pop up Campers for Sale here! We also have Popup Trailer Products, Pop up Camper for all years and Folding Trailer or Tent Camper.

Find Pop up Campers For Sale
We've got Pop up Campers for Sale as well as Pop up Trailer Products and used Pop up Camper from all years. Folding Trailer or Tent Camper - it's all here!

Pop Up Campers for Sale: The Pros and Cons of Buying The Pop Up Camper

Health experts tell us that it’s important to plan for recreation, even during tough economic times when we’re enduring a lot of stress. That’s why many folks are looking at how to have a vacation without incurring major expenses. Enter the Pop Up Camper!

A University of Michigan survey recently found that even with the volatile economy, sales of recreation vehicles such as the Pop Up Camper show continued growth. In fact, about 80 percent of RV sales are travel trailers and other towable units like the Pop Up Camper. More proof that these are the way to go!

A Pop Up Camper, also called a tent camper or folding camper, is kind of like a jack-in-the-box (although it doesn’t pop up quite as fast). First, the camper uses either a hand crank or hydraulic lift to open and lift up the top portion of the camper. Then, the ends slide out to form bed spaces, any other units pull out and voila’ – a home in the deep woods. 

Before heading out to the nearest lot with a sign reading “Pop Up Camper for sale,” potential buyers should consider the pros and cons of the travel trailer:

•    Pop Up Campers are the most reasonable price category of towable camper.
•    Because almost all pop-up campers have canvas or "soft sides," they weigh less than any other category of camper. Many family vans, pick-ups and SUVs can easily tow a Pop Up Camper.
•    Pop Up Campers have a low towing profile, which means they don’t obstruct a driver’s view. a folded down pop-up camper does not obstruct the driver's view.
•    The camper’s low profile also makes storage much easier.

•    Setup and takedown times can get tiresome because the user has to unfold, slide out and crank up the travel trailer. (But if buying a hand-cranked version, this can be great exercise or a task for the kids).
•    Amenities are limited, but it’s also easier on the pocketbook.
•    Soft-sided campers are not so great in windy or inclement weather, but good tie-downs and a portable heater can help.
•    It's hard to get much privacy in a pop-up camper.
•    Bed mattresses are pretty thin; additional air mattress or mattress pads will help.

Clearly, like everything in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to a Pop Up Camper. However, most vacationers on a budget probably will think that the biggest advantages – price, simplicity and ease of towing and operation – can outweigh the disadvantages, which can be compensated for.

One of the most confusing things many buyers encounter when they spy that “Pop Up Campers for sale” sign can be the different terms used for the same vehicle. What’s a Pop Up Camper to one person can be another folding camper, tent camper, camping trailer, folding camping trailer, fold down camper or soft-side camper. Whatever they’re called, they’re all the same thing: a camper that folds down into a hard side base “box” unit. This unit will vary in overall size but typically has pull-out sleeping area with tent-like canvas sides, along with clear plastic or vinyl coverings and flexible screening so that “windows” can be opened.

Some Pop Up Campers do have hard sides, but these “hybrid pop up campers” aren’t very popular. That’s because the hard sides drive up the cost, often to the point that their price is comparable to a low-end travel trailer.

Whatever they’re called, a Pop Up Camper is a good improvement on sleeping in a tent!