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The SHNV's community is for Pro-Southern sites that have a truthful understanding of Dixie, Southern Independence, past and present struggles and our heritage. Sites must not contain, hate, porn, anti-God, or condone the death of the unborn, any site with links to same will "NOT" be added to The SHNV community. Community panel "MUST" be on page linked.

Notice, to precede any further on this site may very well be harmful to your mental well being. It will challenge your understanding of what you were wrongly taught in federalized schools. On this site ...

Dew on the Kudzu
An online magazine celebrating the Southern Way of Life.

A Mailing Dedicated to the preservation of Southern Heritage and to defend the honor of our Confederate Ancestors. List Type: Announcement (read only) Subscription: Does not require owner approval: ...

PoPcoRn's Civil War??
Civil war is, a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country. The Southern Confederacy was a nation, a nation recognized by most European countries.. As a nation She had a President, ...

Rebel With A Clue
Southern Heritage not Hate,opinions and news links relating to telling the Truth about and defending our Southern Heritage and Confederate Flag.Family pride and a common sense approach to living a good ...

The best way to get your site seen, is. Getting your URL: "LINK" on as many like-minded sites as you can. "Be sure those sites are free of any subject matter that could hurt our cause". Southern Thangs ...

Song of Dixie
This site is dedicated the people of the South, past and present, that take pride in our Southern Heritage. There is a "Today In History" updated daily. There are many songs of our beloved heritage, ...

The SHNV War Room Forum
The Southron Voice in Cyber Space... Come Join in the discussions with a Loud & Proud bunch of Confederate Patriots!

Rebel American
Rebel American - conservative News that you can use and trust. Focusing on Conservative & Southern news. Features include the "Rebel American Beauty" of the Month and The "Nincompoop of the Month".