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Many of these sites are personal pages dedicated to the sport of billiards. You will find many commercial sites offecommunity cues, tables and accessories for sale. Some sites will offer rules and regulations for the different incarnations of this fantastic sport. Billiards, Pool, eight-ball, nine-ball, snooker, rotation, one-pocket, three-ball, sharks, cues, balls, gloves, tournaments, racks, newsgroups, mailing lists, magazines and more!!!{;}

Miniature pool tables.
Miniature pool tables that fit in the palm of your hand. Detailed tables with a working ball return - complete with sticks, balls (numbered and striped) and a rack. Also mini ping pong & weight sets. ...

Rogers Reference Links
Personal and Commercial "Billiards Related Pages". Billiard magazines and more. Feel free to add your "Billiards Related Site".

OnTheCheese Billiards
Pool fans of Raleigh, NC and eastern United States unit! Follow the OTC Billiard Mouse: Message boards; web graphics; stories; cartoons; book store... And more! We've even got our on line of t-shirts.

Quality Cues
Top selling quality cues like, schon, meucci, joss at cheap, affordable prices.