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Sites dedicated or involves Poltergeist; The Legacy the series - fansites, fanfic, games and more

Poltergeist; The Legacy AU Fics
a collection of fics set in an alternate reality of Poltergeist; The Legacy. Same characters with different paths.

Merlynn's Maze
Welcome to the world of Derek Emrys Rayne - Praeceptor quondam; Praeceptor futurus - Precept that was, Precept that shall be. Lots of fanfic with the San Francisco Legacy team. Loads of photos of the *real* ...

The Twins' Web Site
Contains a small intro to season 1/2 P:TL characters and a couple of adult fanfics. Fanfics are not suitable for those under the age of 15.

Conjury Nook
A diverse collection of fiction and musings,including PtL Fanfic and samples of other novels and short fiction. Also, lots about my many cats and my other passions.

Asera's Allusional Anclav
This is my Poltergeist: The Legacy fan fiction site. It includes fanfiction, short stories on P:TL, Actor Bio's, Character Bio's, Links to other P:TL pages. With more to come!

The Second London House
Right now this is a work in progress. I hope to have various images up of the cast, personal and character bios, etc. Right now it has a guest book and message board.

New Jersey Legacy House
The site contains a post fourth season. Evil Legacy members journal entries. It also has definitions

Legacy House Online
Legacy House Online: Poltergeist; The Legacy role playing game

The Legacy Continues
The Legacy. An organization centuries old, that hides it's true purpose in philanthropic endeavors. Established to collect dangerous and ancient knowledge and artifacts, solve paranormal, problems and ...