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The community is designed for sites that have a political science, politics, or government content. No racist sites allowed!! Sites can include everything from campaign sites to research and opinion sites.

The Political Science and Politics community
This is the homepage for the Political Science and Politics Webriing

The Voice of Reason
Want a site that asks questions that the brainwashing media doesn't dare ask? The Voice of Reason is asking the hard questions and coming to some open and unusual conclusions that the media doesn't think ...

Republican Politics
A site designed to showcase my Republican essays (which are updated, Republican free stuff that I make (like wallpaper, cursors ect.), and links to other free Republican Stuff. I am a 15 year old who is ...

Conscience of the Republican Party
If ideology defines partisanship, integrity and moral constancy defines Colin Powell, former soldier and still an all-American hero.

ART OF THE POSSIBLE~an e-zine of politics/the arts/commentary{;}

Threehegemons blog
Highlighting news stories relevant to understanding long term trends such as the declining power of the US and the crisis of its model of capitalism

Alliance of Incarcerated Canadians in American Prisons
Transfer of Offenders Treaty and Deportation Rights for Canadians and other foreigners incarcerated in American prisons; prison reforms; prisoner support; newsgroup updates; legal information resource ...

Ronald Reagan - The Bonzo President
A fun review of all the great things Ronald Reagan said ducommunity his term in office. You won't believe this stuff, unless you were there!

a radical-conservative anti-abortion pro-second-amendment pro-death-penalty pro family values site{;}

Republican Politics
Includes polls, biographies of Republicans, Wallpaper, News, and much more!

The Gateway to the Socialist Party of Arizona
A sister site to the official site for the Socialist Party of Arizona.

Philosopher's Stone
Political and philosophical analysis/commentary from a leftist perspective, with minor amounts of personal discussion occasionally{;}

Socialist teacher
The personal site of a teacher and member of the Socialist Party in the UK.

I Was Thinking
the mostly political blog of an immoderate moderate cheerfully skewecommunity, and bestowing laurel wreaths to those deserving folks on the right, left, and every where else.