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If you are tired of Political Correctness (PC) crowding out common sense and seeing public and private institutions take ridiculous and stupid steps to avoid offending anybody (except white Christian males) such as changing the names of sports teams, then this community is for you.


The Golden Gag Awards
Nominations and subsequent awards in the following categories - Zero Tolerance, Academic Bias, Political Correctness and Witch Hunts. I review all sumbitted nominations and post them on the blog with my ...

Political Correctness Watch
A blog that tries to record egregious examples of political correctness as they occur


Stuart Heal's UK Guns, Fun and Freedom Website
I'm British and I like to shoot guns - I think that qualifies me as Politically Incorrect. The British government wants to stop me - they never will.

English Gateway
England English Parliament Independence Independent Patriot Patriotism Nation National Nationalism Forum Cross of Saint George Culture History Devolution Heritage English Gateway

A Republican News Source and Forum
This site is a news source and forum for conservatives to discuss their views. It has over 400 conservative links, a photo gallery, and misc. soundbites from rush limbaugh...

The Right-Winger
News and political humor with a conservative edge that takes a sarcastic look at liberalism."

News and views from one very opinionated person.

The World of 1984
Orwell and present day politics of Australia and the English speaking and dystopian nightmares and and prophecies come true

The Complete Newspeak Dictionary
Information on George Orwell's novel, 1984. Includes info on the book and movie, a dictionary of Newspeak and politically incorrect speech

The Almond Jar : Meeting the Pharoah
Yes, Virginia, there are Conservative Pagans, and most of us are wondecommunity if it's too late to become Episcopalians. Read this page and you'll find out why : Meet the woman who thinks she's the living ...

Mr. Mix's Webrancho!!!
Russia's best country music singer, songwriter and performer of all times - Mr. Mix. His life, music, and his strong attitudes for CSA

Wake Up America
What do you really know about the United States government and those with the power. Why do they want a new world order. The answers will shock and disgust you. Fight the coming new world order. Globalization ...

Jeff's World of Conserative Thought
Jeff rants upon everything from liberals, socialists, and other leftists to whiny bedwetting PC'ers and the stupid things they do. Sure to offend.

It's A Free Country Communitys Page
This is my WebCommunitys page, you will find a link to my main page here, go check it out. I have many links that pertain to governmental issues, gun laws, words from our Founding Fathers, The Declaration ...

Sovereign Man!
Sovereign Man under God in spite of an enslaving world! This Web Site is dedicated to my fellow man for the purpose of helping them free themselves from the yoke of bondage and slavery by vipers and vermin ...

A century of political incorrectness in the United Kingdom
A century of policitical incorrectness in the United Kingdom. The home of Little Black Sambo, Golliwoggs, guns, tiger skins, fox hunting (tally ho), turtle soup, Lord Baden-Powell, Enoch Powell, Lady Thatcher, ...

Now That's Right! My Conservative Site.
What's right with America? And what's wrong? Not sure? I'll tell you! From a conservative viewpoint ... of course.

The Real Truth
This page contains some links to sites you can go to and learn what the Liberal Loony Left is doing to take away our rights and our individual freedom. Please learn what you can and share what you find ...

U. S. A. Going, Going, Gone
A site trying to spread the word that our government is leading us down the path to Fascism rapidly and that things have to be changed. That a New World Order is not good, its evil and wrong. Our rights ...

Diests, The Laws, Our Constitution, The Destiny of Man
Our Constitutional forefathers were Diests who understood the necessity for freedom and the right to live in a segregated community with like minded people. That we have permitted government to homogenize ...

Don't Tread on Me!!! / Patriot Power
This site is a cool place to discuss military, gun, and patriotic stuff. God bless America!

Walking the Streets
The day to day misadventures of a Local Authority Parking Enforcement Officer. The views expressed herein may comment on, but are not driven (Except up the wall by) Local Authority Policies

Conservatively Speaking
Come check out and join our contribution to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy !!!!!