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Based on the phenomenon of Pokémon, Pocket Bishonen allows you to submit, catch, train, etc. your own bishonen. This community is for anyone who has caught bishonen and wants to submit their site!

My doujinshi trade page
Come trade doujinshi with me! Also check out my bishonen.

Ninjababe's Home
Ninjababe's home on the web. Quotes from all over creation, fanfic from multiple fandoms, lyrics from different genres of music, plus the bizarre humor that is Ninjababe.

Inner Id the mind of mog
A demented site devoted to my fave bishies, Vincent, Sephy, Squall, Bart, Kahr and his tighty black speedos, more, fics, pics and assorted mischief, little yaoi too. ^_^

Moon-chan's Miscellaneous Mayhem
My site which deals now mainly with my fanart from different series. Slayers, Bust A Groove, Pop'n Music, Dragonball Z, etc.

Duo's Corner
My little site dedicated to my favorite Gundam Pilot Duo Maxwell! Also with information on the other pilots, a gallery, polls, links and other stuff!!

Kojirofans.com, the place for fans of the purple haired bishonen of Pokemon.

The Rayearth Project
A Magic Knight Rayearth site with character bios, image galleries, music, etc.

The Court of Storms
This is a melting pot for all different types of artwork, music, anime and such.

Zelas's Slayers RPG
A Slayers RPG featucommunity Zelas Metallium, and Xelloss.

The Temple of Duo
A small Duo site that has a fanart section, shrine, links page, and more ^_^

Tenchi For Life!
~*!*~Absolute Tenchi-ness Insanity~*!*~ A site totally dedicated to Tenchi and the gang! Features in-depth character biographies, various picture galleries, music, songs and lyrics, fun games, an online ...

Count Mecka's Castle of Anime
Anime Wallpapers,Count Mecka's Adoptions Agency,Gundam Wing,Petshop of Horror,Blue Seed,Fushigi Yugi,Rurouni Kenchin,Sailor Moon,Escaflownes,Tenchi Muyo,Slayers,Dragon Ball Z,Neon Genesis Evangelion,X,Couples ...

Simple Pleasures - Red for Pleasure Network
Visit RfP's Pocket Bish Gyms! Now housed in the new Simple Pleasures site, every catch is individually placed, captioned, and assigned special "training." 5 Gyms, ~100 Bishies!

DXZ Online
Veiw my Bishuojo and bishonen in my media section!!!

Kawaii Chichiri
My little shcommunity to the most kawaii of the Suzaku Seishi (from Fushigi Yuugi), Chichiri! Have many interesting things on my site, beleive me.

Kenshin Obsession
A total Rurouni Kenshin sight. Complete with Cutie Pie gallery, Fan Art, Adoptables, Midi's, Forum, Icons, and much more...

got Trunks?
My little shrine to Trunks. So, got Trunks? If not, then come on over! ^_-

Just a collection of my conquests... mwa ha ha...

Three O' Clock Fairy
I gave my Bishonen a nice little home in my Sailor Moon Super S movie page come see them.

Shards of Dewprism
A highly animated site with character info, images, gifs, midis, fan fiction, poetry and etc. about Threads of Fate, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Weiss Kreuz, Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni ...

I See Sparkles
A site totally devoted to Bishonen. I love them all!

ThisSideUp - no need for a normal life...
This Side Up, (name taken from how Tenchi wants his life back to normal) contains everything you have been searching for in a Tenchi Muyo! site, without all of the clutter! Over 50 animated Gifs, Galleries, ...

Sailor Ami's Sailor Senshi Paradise
Sailor Senshi profiles, Key words, Handy Jap phrases, Villain info, and much more!

Starlet's Bishounen Hall
A shrine to all my fave bishounen

The Sparkle-ness Homepage
A spaecial litle site, has Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, and Fushigi Yuugi fan fiction, a smll CLAMP section, and a bunch of other crap to annoy you.{;}It Rules.{;}I Love You.