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Click Member link to see site in tvThe Decorator Crab
A blog about my crafty side. Mostly about knitting, but also occassionally about quilting, sewing, and rants about politics or pop culture. But, like I said, it's mostly about knitting.

Simple Living In A Complex World
My ramblings on Knitting, Reading, Gardening, Simple Living, etc.

in Sheeps Clothing
Denise' Adventures in Wool: From Sheep to Skein and Beyond

Mockingbird Knits
Woolgatherin' & knitpickin': a knitting blog with twang.

Fiberly One
Musings on knitting, sewing and life with dogs.

dr. rochelle
I knit animals, okay and other stuff, and live in the Pacific northwest.

Home\'s Jewels
My life of knitting, crafting, and mothecommunity in an online journal.

Knitting, spinning, dyeing and wine of the week.

Teri's Fiber Arts & Textiles
A personal journey of crocheting, needle knitting, loom knitting and crafts in general.

Fiber creations and random thoughts of an Albertan prairie handspinner, mother and shepherd

LavenderSheep's Fiber Garden
My blog is about my knitting, dyeing, and spinning all in my small town in Oregon.

peace & sereknitty
musings on my life on a farm in rural oregon with knitting, spinning, crafting and photography

Along Griffin Creek
spinning and knitting in Western Washington

A Day in the Life of Sachi
I'm overweight, I smoke too much, I have too many pets and too much ambition for crafty things. But my husband and critters love me. The rest is a work in progress.

A Knit Decision
From Portland, OR, an intermediate knitter and sometimes crocheter chronicles life with yarn, diabetes, cats, dogs and other distractions.

Velma's World
Musings on life in the World o' Velma, behind the Redwood Curtain, land of wonderousness. Blogging on such topics as: knitting, spinning,yarn, Arcata, Humboldt, frisbee, disc golf, sarcasm, and yes, b ...

Quail Hill Knits
A blog about all kinds of fiber arts, including, hand and machine knitting, embroidery, sewing, beading, weaving and spinning.

Cat's Fiber Adventures
Just a space where I write about my fiber adventures in ever-changing rotation, depending on my mood.

Janelle Knits

Yarns N Threads
My day to day adventures in knitting, hand spinning and other fiber arts.

Ari Does Knit, Occasionally
Just me, my knitting, college and my pooch.

tiennie knits, quilts, reads and watches too much tv!

Yarn Girls, They Do Get Wooly
Playing with fiber ~ spinning, knitting... the usual.

Little House Rugs
I have been hooking rugs and teaching rug hooking for 17 years. I primarily use yarn but also hook with fabric strips. My site has many supplies for rug hooking, and helps hookers find eachother!

Chickenlips Knitting
I created this blog to showcase my knitting projects in their various stages of completion--or limbo, whichever the case may be. I'm also an avid stash builder/yarn collector, aw heck, I just can't stop ...


Blog about my knitting, cat-wrangling, life and other adventures.

A spinning, knitting and crocheting blog that is sometimes political, sometimes temperamental but usually merry. Oh yes, I also sometimes have yarn for sale but usually not. ;-)

Knitting on Impulse
Life, knitting, art, and the incomparably inspirational beauty of Whistler - from a woman happily addicted to fibre, textiles, and anything else that can be persuaded to behave as such.

A spinner/knitter/quilter/nursing student who is often driven to distraction by kids and pets!


Pursuit of Fiber
An on going listing of my current works in progress and things that I am hoping to do.

The Knitting Niche
My place to discuss knitting and other crafts.

Me, My Self, and My Yarn
All about my obsessions with yarn, being a full time student and oh yeah--- a military wife. . I can't spell, but I sure can craft!

Knitter, reader, computer, cat feeder, and (fill-in-the-blank)er with a million project ideas and not enough time to do them all.

Morning Glory Knits
A site where I talk about my successful (or not) creative pursuits. Mostly knitting, crochet, with some sewing and artwork thrown in.

See Jayne Knit

Black Sheep
I'm a knitting librarian who lives in Spokane. This is my crafty blog.

A place where I talk about knitting and other things, but mostly knitting.

Stashless Wool Monkey

domestic shorthair
Knitting in the suburbs.

Smariek Knits

Brew Knits
A librarian blogs about knitting, spinning, & whatever else comes to mind.

Ask The Bellwether
Location: Port Angeles, WA (it doesn't get much more Pacific Northwest than that -- ok, Neah Bay, Forks, they're further west!). Topics: mostly question and answer on spinning, knitting, and sock machines ...

Sometimes Knit, Sometimes Knot
mental meandecommunitys and photos of an addicted knitter from Port Angeles, WA

Dea's Stcommunitys
All about knitting, quilting, beading and family.

Into Fuzzy Stuff
Living the "Farm Girl" life vicariously through my latest interest - spinning. Fiber of all kinds...even cat tails look workable! A brand new blog sure to contain adventures in fiber, life in the Great ...

Team Johnston
Add a mix of Christ...a loving marriage...2 munchkins...some knitting and crocheting...and you have the story of my life.

The official chronicals of my fiber filled, fantasy, fairyland.

My Knitting/fishing life in Southeast Alaska