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Over 40? Got a blog?{;}

Between you and me
Easy to reading is damned hard writing. Krissies antipodean adventures

Eccentric Bohemian Hermits
Join the Witty Woman as she wanders aimlessly through the Middle Ages, desperately searching for her own personal missing link ... don\'t take too long, time is running out!

Mike's Random Muses
The Blog is an outlet for the random thoughts of an amateur opinionator. {;}{;}What's an opinionator? {;}{;}An opinionator is somebody who has power without responsibility, and the ability to spout off ...

Mind Streaming
copiously photo-llustrated personal on-line journal of John Coxon, reached the age when getting nostalgic and incredible memory so able to write about UK things from my past with personal remembrances, ...

Mike's Garden Muse
The history and ongoing news, of the development of our garden from a mud heap, to it's present day state

the usual crap - more opinionated ramblings and nonsense.{;}one leftie brit's take on humanity

What Are Words For....if no one listens anymore
just a place for me to talk about work,{;}my girl, my job and my cats

Bob's Yer Uncle
Random musing of live in and beyond New York City

My Non-Urban Life
Daily life in New York's Capital District by a 40-something dad.

Out Of The Blue
Blog? A little late to the party, but full of random witticisms and thoughtful spunk.