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JMusic Rotation. Also accepting requests. Songs rotated at least twice a month.

Glamorous SKy Mp3 Rotation
Welcome to my monthly mp3 rotation site!

The Visual RomanesquE
DAI's rotation site. Rotating ONLY PVs out of his ever-growing stock. Mostly JRock and Visual-kei with the occasional Hello! Project piece thrown in for guilty pleasure...

Deaf Cat Pink
DCP. My pet project for an Mp3 rotation site whose owner tries to update every Wensday.

xx. Two.Days.Ago .xx
xx. Two.Days.Ago .xx is a music rotation site where you can download both Japanese or English songs. There are 3 seperate sets of songs up for download every rotation. You can also make requests. The title ...

Dj Benet's 24/7 old school soul jazz & funk radio show .uplifting funk and soul in the daytime . deep jazzy and soulfull grooves at night .(UK TIME)

::BB:: blog|mp3|fiction ~~~*
An asian mp3 rotation that updates fortnightly with 9-10 songs each week. Requests accepted!

.::.G a u z e F e t i s h.::.
A MP3 Rotation Site devoted entirely to Jrock. Every two weeks a new rotation will be put up. Stay Tuned.

--->::baibai zerifisshuchan::--->
a mp3 rotation rotated most every week. run by boy craig and girl camila. lots of nice music that isn't nessicarily popular or from asia.

mp3 rotation site containing jrock/jpop/and sometimes kpop/rock. rarely any cpop/rock

a music rotation site.

This Armor
This Armor, is a weekly, JMusic rotation. It offers 10 songs a week, via megaupload. Updates on Mondays, never late! ^-^

A (hopefully) weekly mp3 rotation site that uploads mostly asian music, typically heavy on the J-Pop.

Hikki's Eternal Sleep
My rotation is back up after minor html problems. (apologies!) Hikki's Eternal Sleep is a small, weekly rotation which features JPop, JRock, CPop, Anime music, Game music, and anything else that I feel ...

Electric Dolphin
This place features basically japanese music, however, I might upload other types too, whatever that strikes my fancy! :D Rotates every 1-2 weeks.

Who needs internet radio anyway?
With over 14 hours of streaming audio using the GutterStar.net online player, you will be in full control over what you are listening to... Who needs internet radio anyway, when you can listen to this ...

Rotation of Japanese, Korean and Chinese pop and rock~

Captured Mind
New Blog with lot of information about j-bands, gallery, live photos and rotation. It's not finished, but have a look^^

asian music galore, and requests open to anything. what more could you want?

CuRtAiN Of ReD WiNe
A mostly jrock biweekly music rotation site with the occasional Korean, Chinese, English, or other music types song. I'll have 8 picks and requests each rotation.Enjoy!!!

An mp3 rotation that has anything from Asian music to Icelandic!

In your mind only
A music related website that provides free downloads, with new updates everyday.

A rotation site without any particular theme, just music I enjoy, so hopefully there is something for everyone.

:D Just a mp3 rotation site

It's just a regular rotation site for jrock kpop and others, but unlike others, i have some rare music ^-^ . and i upload both albums singles and just individual songs. I just started so i wont have much ...

Variations on a Theme
Variations on a Theme is a Music Rotation updated every 2 weeks - and so far it hasn't missed the deadline! It rotates Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and the occasional English song. It doesn't focus on ...

click and find out :)

anyoung, watashi no ai
A site with a wide variety of music. No language barriers, no genre limits. Happy listening!

life in mono
a regular (ideally) bi-weekly music rotation featucommunity songs of all languages but primarily jck, english, and french.

Konnichiwa, Minna-san!
An MP3 rotation site with a little bit of everything! Updates every week with two Asian songs, two Rock songs, two Miscellanious songs (anything from pop to comedy to oldies), and up to four request songs! ...

just a small mp3 rotation site

mp3 rotation site, with the occasional video. I try to upload all genre / language but the majority of my playlist is anime soundtrack + jrock.

This is a rotationary music party !

N O B O D Y S - - Kingdom | mp3 Rotation
Newly made and very functional. I take all requests and update at least once a month, if not more. This site will only grow bigger, I suggest you check it out.

Scarlet Feather
Scarlet Feather is a weekly jrock mp3 rotation site. sometimes there might be just a little jpop or other than jrock as additional.

Tokidoki Carnival
A bi-weekly Japanese mp3 rotation.

A u r i f e r a - M u s i c . n e t
Biweekly Asian rotation site, featucommunity one Japanese, one Chinese, and one Korean song (and sometimes miscellaneous other languages) each time. We welcome guest rotators and requests!

Back after a 2-year hiatus! A Jrock mp3 rotation, comprised of mostly visual kei, particularly indie, angura, and eroguro.

Digital Messiah - Visual Candy MP3 Rotation -
!_! Ear candy for the masses !_!

Blood Music
A rotations that features music from around the world and around time!

Eien no Yoru
A jpop/jrock rotation that I rotate whenever I feel like it. x3

Esutick Asiarotation
A personal website with lots of stuff I like to put on, Photo's, wallpapers, Rotation, News about Jrockbands(interviews ETc.)