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The best of J-rock from the pockets of Kryz and Maruku. Specialising in Dir en grey, L'arc~en~Ciel and much more! 9 J-songs, rotated bi-weekly. :D

A whole single/album Asian music rotation, where mostly Japanese music is rotated.

Cymphonia is an MP3/PV/performances rotation site. Genres included are J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop, English songs, Tagalog songs, and actually whatever we (the three webmistresses) feel like shacommunity with ...

Oasis >> An weekly mp3 rotation site. Cute layout and lots of songs + pvs~

Obscure Vision
Obscure Vision is a Japanese mp3 and PV rotation site. Hosted by Xanga. Music by groups and artists such as Dir en Grey, Miyavi, Gackt, etc. can be downloaded. Rotated every weekend. Feel free to contact ...

Deadly Nightshade
JROCK and JPOP rotation. But I'm more of a rocker though. I rotate whenever and whatever I want It's all good I promise

Audio Mess
With over 2000 songs to request from and updated at a bi-weekly basis. From indies to main stream JRock bands.

STraNGe hAPpeNIngS
A mostly J-music rotation site. Features visual kei, techno, oshare kei, j-rock, anime and game music, and even some classical once in a while. Requests welcome.

14 tracks every two weeks. Cpop to Krock and everything in between. Give us a spin.

; watashi no geisha
a fotolog with lots of new things at every update : D all of them upped at rapidshare. if you want something, just request it and, if I have it, I'll upload it.

Dotless Dice
Mz.Jo's itty bitty rotation site in the middle of the big big web. =D

Gasp For Breath
A weekly? mp3 rotation site working mainly from requests

A music rotation that rotates weekly and has random chinese, japanese, korean, and english songs.

satan\'s butterfly
A place to download English, French, Russian, Indian, and all manner of Japanese music picked by March Hare and Mad Hatter. Open your wings, Satan\'s Butterfly....

Labrinth Story
Awesome Rotation site named after the Labrinth movie!! Filled with Jrock Jpop Visual Kei and more, also have some drawings of my own.

An mp3 rotation site that plays a wide variety of music. Requests are allowed and I try to update whenever I remember to.

Audio Delight
Audio Delight is my first mp3 rotation. My choice in music widely varies, so this will reflect on that. I will put up anywhere from J-pop, J-rock, anime, and game songs to even K-pop, C-pop, and Western ...

Music Rotation site devoted to Visual Kei, Gothic, Rock, Metal music in Japan. Only awesome and interesting songs rotated every week.

White breath
a rotation site with Japanese &English music. updated every week.

Electric Andante
A collection of various differen't artists ranging from Japan to America. Each week three new songs are uploaded and the variety of music remains evident constantly. A good place to sample new kinds of ...

sugary sweet VOICE
sugary sweet VOICE is an East-Asian mp3 rotation, updating weekly with 6~8 songs for your listening pleasure.

//Almost Crimes//
A most eclectic mp3 rotation. From Japanese rock to hipster indie, it's all here! Taking requests!

Broken Headphones
A Bi-Weekly mp3 rotation run by Emiri. BH features J-Rock, J-Pop and occasionally some Korean, Chinese or even another language! Rotations come with 6 of Emiri's picks, 4 requests and sometimes a PV or ...

Memories in the Rain
mp3 rotation weekly English and Japanese.

Every week I'll put about 4 or 6 mp3 songs in relation with the week's theme, and you can download it all free! JPop, JRock, Western, Asian... ALL STYLES!! Open your mind~

Seccie-chan's humble, little bloggie - SLASH - mp3 rotation site. Holds different types of music (mostly J-pop) for download every 2 weeks or so.

A Japanese music rotation, with the occasional English or Korean song thrown in. Songs come from every genre; some anime music occasionally too.

Rainy Season
^^ Yet another mp3 rotation site with mostly Japanese music, even though once in a while I'll throw in some Chinese, Korean, American, instrumental, etc. music.

{Coven Les Musmia}
Rotation of all genres of music, with videos, lyrics and links to good written material.

Estuans Interius
An mp3-rotation for medieval, celtic, medieval-inspired and similar songs.

Honey + Strawberries
Small bi-weekly rotation site run by Rei-Chan and Christine

MP3 rotation site rotating foreign & English songs of many different genres.

ASIAN music!! Pop? Rock? Vocals? Ballad? Any genre? Yes, you come to the right place!~~

Just a small site with wide variety of music. I'll be uploading a mixture of rock, heavy, emo, screamo, jrock, whatever else I feel like! I'll also do a lot of requests if it's possible. :3

Klangfarbenmelodie Sauce
A rotation run by Caroline and Connie. We offer a variety of different genres from pop to trip-hop to metal in an effort to further promote our favorite artists and share their ear-shattecommunity goodness ...

On hiatus. 08-06-'07

Weekly/Bi-weekly mp3 rotation and request log featucommunity a vast variety of music including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Instrumental, Latin, and other languages of different genres.

Bad Wolf's Mp3 Rotation
A Mp3 rotation that's just getting on its feet, so come by and visit!

J-Sanctuary host music in album or single package! our site not only provide jpop and jrock, but also host anime, manga, pv, movie, drama. we randomly upload file every week but always keep open for r ...

A jrock mp3 rotation focusing on the must-have Jrock songs, from the essential classics to modern marvels. Updated weekley, check us out! We are also open for requests!

Sound Pocky
Sound Pocky is an mp3 site that offers a variey of mp3s ranging from anime to jrock to kpop. The site also rotates filipino and english mp3s occasionally.

Tokyo Shinjuu
Tokyo Shinjuu aims to promote Japanese music and hopefully encourage its visitors to support Japanese artists (especially indies bands) through music that will be rotated every three to four weeks.

Vomit Noodles
A J-Rock MP3 rotation. Run by Bhree. 1-3 MP3s rotated every friday night.

The Glass Bomb
Jrock/some English rotation that does trades and takes requests. Updated weekly/bi-weekly. Stop by anytime! XD

. : Pump it Up : .

Lyrical Show Time
A fortnightly mp3 rotation with different types of music in different languages, mostly English and Japanese but with others thrown into the mix every now and then ^_^

Fading Fantasy
Fading Fantasy is still very young, we're growing and changing everyday. Trying out some new stuff, experimenting and making mistakes. For now, all we have are some awesome avatars and a rockin' music ...

The new and improved Musitation - Updated Biweekly with a mixture of handpicked and requested music. Music will always go with the theme of the Layout. Six songs for your listening pleasure every other ...

a mp3 rotation that offers various asian music every week or two weeks.

A MP3 site that bcommunitys you loads of J-Pop/K-pop/C-pop.