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Soundart The Unusual Way

A mp3 rotation site belonging to Tara who has a wide variety of taste in music that ranges all the way from Asian to Classical to Oldies to Soundtracks and whatnot.

Frances Limon
A mp3 rotation site dedicated to Jrock and Rock en Espanol (Latin Rock).

The Second Home of the Pink Tsuki
A geocities site with Asian MP3s, pictures, profiles, videos, and links. ^_^

Lose Yourself in the Music
Monthly Japanese music rotation site. Requests accepted.

Graphic x Noise
Mp3/video rotations. Mostly K-pop or J-rock. Updated usually weekly.

Sing Sweet Nightingale
Sing Sweet Nightengale is a J-Rock MP3 rotation site, which is rotated weekly, typically on Saturdays.

A Musical Interlude
A Musical Interlude is an MP3 rotation site. I try to update once a week (Saturdays or Sundays) with at least three new songs. I've got all kinds of stuff in all kinds of languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin ...

J-rock rotation site..^__^ Usually 3-4 songs for direct download, and then 6-7 songs up in my yahoo briefcase! Come look..:P

Melodic Syndrome
A bi-monthly mp3 rotation site. Features music from the genres of J-pop, J-Rock, C-pop, K-pop, anime, gaming, and others. Requests are open.

an mp3 rotation site featucommunity jpop/jrock/anime music. :)

Hyouden Media Center
Music for the masses.. Hyouden Media Center includes music ranging from American songs to JPOP, CPOP, KPOP, and also Thai and Filippino music.. Requests are welcomed..

An assortment of MP3s for your evil downloading pleasure. Multiple users allow for a huge variety of music...

.::Swarthy Applesauce::.
A Japanese music rotation site with all the quarks and weirdness pre-installed.

Ano Uta o Kikitai
Anime and J-pop rotation/request site; updates once every two weeks.

A Jrock Bi Weekly Rotation Site. It\'ll get better through time! promise! I may on wim throw in maybe one non-Jrock song but for the most part it\'ll be purely Jrock.

Quiet Cacophony
Quiet Cacophony is an mp3 request/rotation site. Music will be updated bi-weekly, and Jpop/Jrock, game, and english songs will be available for requesting. Come check it out! :)

snowflake apples
tigeria's mp3 rotation site.

satan's butterfly
Small site that rotates unique music.

The. J-Beat
A small MP3 Rotation and Request site, mostly a collection of Anime & JPop MP3's up for download!!

Byo Teki Higaisha
Weekly mp3 rotation site. Mainly Japanese music but also some English language rock thrown in Occasionally.

I Wish
An mp3 blog with random selections, including j-rock, indie rock, electronic, and more. (remember, music is the lifeblood.)

jpop mp3 rotation/request site. {kiwii-fruit.net}

Ethereal Symphony
My own little mp3 rotation site dedicated to jrock and jpop. Rotated every two weeks and always open for requests. Slowly incorporating some Kpop/Krock, Crock and anime music. Check it out!

Biweekly rotation site with mainly Japanese and anime music, sometimes other asian stuff too!

An eclectic MP3 rotation site, updated monthly, where almost anything goes - including Japanese, anime, and video game music, as well as just about everything else.

Same Same But Different
Same Same But Different is a... different type of weekly mp3 rotation website. Not only by serving the masses with music from all over the world BUT this site is ran by four lovely individuals: h2o, cake-o, ...

Musical Chairs
An mp3 rotation featucommunity various jpop/kpop artists. It will also have miscellaneous artists from time to time but do not expect Japanese visual kei-bands and cpop. ^^;

errmm... rotated at least once a month

A brand new music rotation site ;] Good stuff from new releases and some classics. We're trying to expose people to new kinds of different artists. So why not check it out?

Mona Lisa Overdrive
weekly rotation of mostly jrocku stuff... but occasionally crossing over to a bit of pop, chinese and korean. english songs too, depending on my mood. ^^

Starlight Serenade
An active mp3 rotation site dedicated to asian music - focus mainly on cpop, kpop, jpop, as well as anime music. Music rotated every 1-2 weeks. Requests are allowed.

I Have Mice
Here is a site with a big request section, I'll put up whatever you want. It also has translations and a screencap gallery, and I plan on adding much more. I just made it today, my first website! Sorry ...

Make more shind!
Bi-weekly mp3 rotation site, featucommunity a lot of J-rock, but also J-pop, K-rock/pop, C-pop...

Welcome to Spire. Here I will upload music of different genre on each rotation, ranging from J Pop, J Rock, Anime songs, C Pop, Trance, Eurobeat etc.....

A joint J-music rotation run by Camille and Eden-Avalon. A variety of J-rock and J-pop goodies!

Feel My Soul
A music rotation site with various Japanese and Chinese music rotated in at my leisure. A good many are anime related but many are not as well. Requests are welcome.

Hinata no Ongaku
A small site that rotates mostly jpop (but other music as well) every week. Hopefully. Some artists that will be featured quite a bit are: Chihiro Onitsuka, ORIGA and KOKIA. Please visit! *puppy dog ...

Lacrima is a J-Rock rotation site with diverse music.

sakuranbo hane CHERRY BLOSSOM
An anime/japanese mp3 rotation.


1.6.8 Music Rotation~*
An East-Asian music rotation site which rotates bi-monthly. Songs featured are mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese. :)

stereo fixx
j-music mp3 rotation site. Other asian music, too.

dum spiro, spero
An mp3 rotation site offecommunity all kinds of music.

Inuyasha Music Rotation
A music rotation site for the anime Inuyasha. Enjoy!

Vivid Colours
my rotation site. 8 songs every week and sometimes you just might get a little something extra ;)

a Prelude
a Jrock mp3 rotation site. Updated weekly.

[The s h o w booth]
My nice little humble j-rock rotation site! I pick five songs or PVs once a week and take 5 requests. That simple! ^^

just come and download already.

Crazy Ray's Sea Of Music
The best djs' mixes! House, Progressive, Techno, Tech-House, Electro, Deep, Breaks, Tribal, Trance, Psychedelic, Drum&Bass, and Electronica.Djs !!