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Crafting has never been easier thanks to sites that offer goodies like free plastic canvas patterns for all ages to enjoy! This community is dedicated to those who love crafting and also for those who love an awesome deal!
Have a browse around and look at the great selection of free plastic patterns to choose from. You'll be getting crafty in no time!!

Free Plastic Canvas Patterns and More
If you're looking to get crafty then why not do it while saving yourself some money. Our free plastic canvas patterns for all ages are just the start of the creative fun to be had! Check it out!

Get Free Plastic Canvas Patterns Here!
Free online plastic canvas patterns for all ages to enjoy are available right here so you can get crafty without having to spend a dime! See our other goodies as well.

Calling All Crafty Peeps: Free Plastic Canvas Patterns!
Even if you’re not a crafty person, you can’t deny that crafting seems to be huge these days. And you don’t have to be crafty to wanna find out about and even get in on the chance to get yourself some free plastic canvas patterns! Who doesn't like free stuff??!

Plastic canvas patterns are all the rage on the internet and in craft magazines. The amount of people doing craft stitching has risen hugely over the last few years and people are becoming more creative. Craft shops are popping up all over the world in your local high streets and such crafts as knitting and stitching have again become popular with all ages. Most people up until two years ago would have associated crafts with old people and being untrendy. With celebrities telling all in magazines in their interviews and declaring their love for all things crafty, people have picked up on the craze and a new buzz has surrounded the craft world. Until this point the craft industry was failing and many wondered how long it would be before crafting would become a lost art. This would have been a complete and utter shame as these skills are not only useful but therapeutic. Most celebrities have learned these skills through recommendations of their stress management councilors, rehab centers and in some cases even jail…not that we need to mention any specifics.

There have been extensive studies done by psychologists and physiatrists and they believe that there is a direct link between the calming and soothing of the mind and stress levels when the mind is concentrating on something that requires the use of skill and imagination. Because most people work in very stressful jobs taking up a craft such as stitching can be very calming for them and allow them to make the transition mentally between their work life and their home life. This enables them to leave their work at the “front door” and live their personal lives without work interfering.

Cross stitch and plastic canvas magazines have picked up on this trend and although very good high quality patterns are available in store and on line they like any other good marketers of their wares also offer free patterns for you to print online. There are many different sites online that offer you this service with patterns ranging from small teddy bears to more seasonal pictures for you to stitch.

There are all kinds of sites that offer a full range of different free plastic canvas samples for you to download, print and try in the comfort of your own home. If you find that you enjoy their patterns then you can then pay for other patterns via order or instant download on the site using their shopping cart. The free plastic canvas patterns also have a step by step guide to the colors that should be used and a legend to the corresponding stitch patterns that should be used to create the design perfectly. Their designs are beautiful and much uncomplicated. If you are a beginner and just starting out then these designs are for you. When you progress and require something that is more taxing and testing for your skills then their paid plastic canvas patterns are available.

Every one should at least once in their lives give this skill a good try, it is something that is very fulfilling and is also a brilliant thing for children to do during their holidays from school. It will keep them occupied, teach them a skill so it is also educational and will also give them something to feel proud about for themselves which is confidence building, and best of all, it’ll keep them busy so you can get on with your day or even your own crafting!