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A community dedicated to those of us who believe StarTrek Voyager's Tom Paris and Harry Kim and destined to be together.

Amirin's P/K Slash Page!
Amirin's entire collection of Paris/Kim slash fiction. Site maintained by Mona Ramsey.{;}

Slash on TV
A listing of the most fun slash on TV.

In The Clouds
The home of The O'Niall Chronicles, a Highlander/Voyager crossover series with gen, het and slash themes (G to NC-17). Also contains P/K stories rated from PG-13 to NC-17 and a P/K song lyric archive.

Tauna's Slas Den: P/K Slash Stories
An assortment of stories about Voyager's best couple. Stories range fro PG to NC-17. AU, current canon and some funny looks at Tom and Harry's deep relationship.{;}

Where you'll find T'Lin's P/K stories ... and so much more (TOS & DS9 slash, too ... not to mention the occasional foray into hetsmut)

P/K & P/K/T stories ... as well as other VOYAGER fic.

Unexpected Places
Site features my slash fanfic, photo manips, recommendations, and links for Star Trek: Voyager (Paris/Kim), Jurassic Park III (Alan/Billy), and The Sentinel (Jim/Blair).

Tom Paris Dorm
Mainly a fanfiction archive with our dear helmsman, also has a large collection of pictures, links and much more.

Terabithia's Illusionary Realm
A place where the figments of Terabithia's imagination run free.

the flambeau factory
Paris/Kim slash stories, as well as a few other Voyager paicommunitys and a whole lot of stories in other fandoms.

P/K All the Way
Tons of Paris and Kim images, plus episode transcripts, a P/K concordance, and Voyager "Spin the Bottle"!

Shayney's Fanfic
My Star Trek: Voyager fanfic. Mostly Paris/Kim, G-rated to NC-17.

Where you'll find all of A. Kite's P/K stories ... and so much more.

Terranfem's P/K Slash Page
This site is dedicated exclusively to stories (long, short, PWPs and totally silly ones) involving my favorite Lieutenant, Tom Paris, and the beautiful Ensign Harry Kim!{;}{;}