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This community is for those with the love of Pixel Painting. Whether you pixel paint yourself or collect pixel art of others, I invite you to join and proudly display your Pixel Painting Addiction.

Kryss' Kreations
Kryss' Kreations is a place for adoptions, pixel graphics, web sets, poetry and so much more

Majestic Country Graphics
Country graphics 100% mouse drawn by ME! ?Background Tiles, Calendars, and other assorted graphics available in the Free Stuff Area. Adoption Shoppe, Sig Tag Shoppe, Pre-Made Shoppe, Linkware and Shareware ...

Angela's Doodle Pad
Personal/100% Mousedrawn Graphics offecommunity premades, adoptions, linkware & more.

PixeLLy Yours
Pixels for you to adopt (Darlin's, Calendars, Teddie Luv, Stamps, Dolls, Quilts, Kao Babo's, Blinkies(community too) Charms), Tutorials, mouse drawn

Carolina Country
Mouse drawn graphics & more.

All my little addictions. :)

Luv4Country Graphics
Your homecooked recipe for 100% quality mousemade country graphics. Specializing in Premades/Sigtags/Country Homes/Country Clocks and Calendars/Member's Section/and tons of goodies.

~~~~~*Country Delights*~~~~~
Delightful mousemade Graphics for all your needs - linkware and purchaseware, for webdecoration and printing. Country Delights Tutorials - learn how to create your own mousemade graphics, PHP, Wordpress ...

Charmed Pixels & Doodles
Pixel Painted Linkware & Purchaseware Graphics.

Catnaps PSP Place
Offecommunity Pixel Painting, Tubes, Graphics, Web Sets and more. Both Linkware & for Sale.

KeLisas' Kreations
My pixel paintings, dollz, linkware, I have websets, blinkies, and pixel drawings. Also my story of domestic abuse as well as some help links and information

everything over country graphics, adoptions, pixel, teddies, download, stamp, blinkies, kaos, dolls and many more

Original mousedrawn graphics.Collections, web sets, animations, pre-made and much more.

Cinnamon Creations
My site is full of handmade crafts and graphics for everyone, come vist now!

sweet pea fairy
fairy fun for everyone!

Angel Valley
Cute pixel creations such as sigtags, adoptions, premades, lineart and more.