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Click Member link to see site in tvBackgrounds by Melanie
Homepage of the Royal Supreme Princess PITA!! lol! However no one can top the Queen herself! :){;}Free Linkware Backgrounds in various categories.

Welcome to the Front Porch
The Front Porch of Seraphim49. A myriad of ever-changing topics including adoption and birthfamily search, Tarot, and Disney on a THIN shoestcommunity budget.{;}

Listys little corner
Listys little corner is just about me, what i'm about and the things i like.{;}


Tatianna's Trove
Family site about, True Love, pets, kids, art, poetry, pond, herbs, Hello Kitty Kitchen, renaissance VW Bug Clique and more

Midnight Angel's Place
My site Basically consist of music pages of songs my family, friends, and I enjoy. I have five honor pages of POW/MIA's. And other things.{;}

Gentle Touch's Web
Gentle Touch's Web is for all survivors of all forms of abuse, including hate crime survivors. We show no bias nor will we tolerate it. Many issues and causes, including the endangerd species, the wolf, ...

Stevie's Steel Dog Cafe'
My site has scripture, collected poetry, music/lyrics, adoptions and so much more! Be ready to spend some time in your chair because I have zillions of pages to surf!{;}

Fifth House
A personal homepage that goes above and beyond. Has a little bit of everything - original writing including a blog, spirit pages, fan pages, and much more. A good way to waste some serious time.{;}

{;}a persoanl site aobut me and my many interests

Dreamcreature's Realm
Mystic, Fantasy, Romantic, Poems, Music and lots of beautiful pages to see {;}and hear. Forget your stress let an other world wrap you, let the Dreamers {;}Blue Dust envolve you to Wonders and Love. ...

Andrea's Realm
I write short stories and like good music. I'd prefer to think of myself as an undiscovered literary genius and a future world superstar but I suspect my wishes far exceed my talent. Come discover for ...

Bev's Crazy World
My blog, my opinions... often bocommunity... sometines amusing, always try to keep it light.{;}

~Lovely Painted Ladies~
Lovely Painted Ladies features one of a kind repainted fashion dolls with a romantic theme. Most dolls are costumed and come with their own short-short story by artist/writer Bren Yarbrough.

"My Fight for My Life" LauraChristine's Quit Smoking Site
My personal battle with kicking the habit. Here you can read my story as to what led me up to my decision to quit, my good-bye letter to my awful habit, my contract, my personal stats, helfpul articles ...

~Mel's Sanctuary
blog, tori, collective, snowglobes, poetry, survey, vai, pets, more

Valkyrie's Doctor Who Tattoo and Vegetarian Recipes
A site that has grown way beyond its original title components to include an ever-growing collection of legends, sagas and fairy tales, Oberstein (my hometown in Germany), the cat's own site, my spiritual ...

Kou Wainohia's Wet Spot
A personal page about me.

My Ms Page
A site made for my family and our fight against MS

Truff's Stuff
Just my P.I.T.A. site of Truff's Stuff, lol.{;}

Whisper's Corner
This is my personal site that has graphics, background sets, tutorials, tubes, recipes and a section dedicated to finding Missing Children.

Swedish Goddess / Mian's Home
My wee home on the web,personal homepage about me, my daughter,my Communitys and E'groups, cancer,Losing my parents, graphics and much more. Love to redecorat

The Realm of GieGie
About this pain in the ass, My Awards, Win an Award, Free Web Graphics, and Much More!!!

La Café RoZita
The gateway to all my websites, devoted to some of my favorite things: art, music, poetry, writing, Antonio Banderas, 9/11...and more will come shortly......

Wystful's Hideaway
My homepage at the hideaway is http://www.geocities.com/wystful_1 Come by and visit. I have adoptions, free background sets, holiday pages, 50+ year of Americana done in decades, poetry, short stories...a ...

FoxLDY's Homepage
This is my personal webpage 1st time ever :) Please come take a look, and let me know what you think :){;}

Imajicat, Imajine that!
Imajicat! my web site of stuff. info on wicca, music, the grateful dead as well as other bands, traditions of quilts and needle work and beadwork and other stuff i stuck on there. my page us under almost ...

Joanne's Cyber Home
My site is dedicated to my children and grandchildren, poetry and many of my other interests.{;}

kick up your heels
A lovely community page leads you to my welcome site. From there you can pick from a drop down bar one of any eight pages listed.Poetry,Nursing,Angels and interesting links...Will keep you busy for a while... ...

Serenade's Place
Visit Community Central where you'll find a list of the 70-plus communitys that I manage and the 100s to which I belong. Please come join! Other sections: the Kitchen (filled with low-fat recipes), Living ...

Silent Suffecommunity
A site for my poems.

For graphics, backgrounds, textures, and free snowglobes, skins, games, backgrounds samples, and much more.

eccentrically mine...
adventures back in my native state...

Moonlit Reflections
Family, Friends & Lil Bit Of Everything ..

Bittersweet Me
personal pages, journal, group pages, poetry

Gizzy Girl's Journey
My personla sight about my life since I made the enormous move from small-town New Zealand to London, England in 2002. Filled with lots of pictures and crazy anecdotes.

Welcome @ Sieka's
A site made because of my rare but unique name,had questions about it al the time,my page grew from up there to what it is now today.freedom of speaking and a pain in the a$$ to many but it wil remain ...

Dis~N~Dat 2
My corner of the web.. need animations come see me, dragons,witches,frogs,goofy things,bg.email etc etc , a few games and pictures of friends and family

My Realm
PITA.....that's me, my son, my husband, and my motherinlaw *g*! Come visit My Realm and let me share with you my world.....you won't be sorry you dropped by....

one girls trash
The fun place to shop for an eclectic mix of new, vintage, and antique, gifts collectibles and unique treasures. #1 in the Midwest for all things cool. Cool things for cool people...One Girls Trash...It's ...

Wonderful World of Books
A website for readers & authors.Free short stories,new releases,hot reads,request tag I make with Psp. Blinkies,avatars and more.

Welcome to the KatHouse
It\'s like a purse. It has everything in it, and needs to be cleaned out someday. Come see for yourself. Very purple orientated. Take whatever you like, just upload to your own server.

Heart of Camelot
I have a Fantasy website with fairies, angels, unicorns and more.

I\'m Different
This site is an MSN Group that anyone can join. We offer a "safe haven" for anyone that feels they have been made fun of, or just feels "out of the norm."

Lenny\'s Cyber World
Personal and family website

Amanda's World
My site is all about me, my pets and my interests.

Heart of Camelot
Books of King Arthur, Camelot and Avalon has always been an inspiration for me. That is how I came up with the name "Heart of Camelot" for my homepage. Trying to recreate some of the essence that I believe ...

Dark Mother Of Wicca
A Darkened Realm Of Wicca learning & Goddess Spirit.

Penney's Place
This is my pesronal website, which features the things I love and my other interests, Cyberquilts, PSP tubes, interactive holiday fun, and much more!