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Are you a P.I.T.A. (Pain In the Ass)? Take our quiz and find out! Then Join us!!! Community is open to men and women. *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF THE RING LOGOS IS MANDATORY. THE GENERIC RINGSURF BANNER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS RING****

~ Calm Morning ~
Family, Friends & A Lil On South Africa

Lady Vipers Haven
A personal site about me. I have a memorial to my mother, poetry, and an abuse prevention section as well.

Judy Carne.com
Site about actress Judy Carne. Best known from "Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In's" sock it to me girl. A story about her childhood, marriage to Burt Reynolds, role on Laugh-In, her debilitating bout with depression ...

Diva Jarah's Domain
My site is devoted to the wonderful online group I am proud to be a part of the Divine Diva of the Web and believe you me we have our share of PITAs and the queen PITA to boot! Please visit.{;}

Fly's Chamber
Adopt a Dark One... Graphics... Backgrounds, jpgs, gifs, bars/lines, animations and more!!!

Friends, Family, Angels, Children, Grandchildren, My daycare, etc.......

Graphics By Tamy
Graphics by Tamy, Tutorials, Links and more.

The Realm of JadedSilverMist
The personal site of a 19 yr. old female living with DID/MPD. Site includes many things, serious and fun, including my cartoon doll adoptions. Come on in!

Welcome to Carterladys World
{;}I have alot of psp6 tubes. Holiday pages and Free graphic sets.

Now, let me explain, I am not the PITA. person, I have joined on behalf of my giriend "Diane" whis is a real PITA, you described her so perfectly that I had to join.{;}

Crimson Tears
Dark poetry, Dark art, banner exchange, some graphics, concert listings, forum and more{;}

Laylaskye's Cafe
My personal homepage about me, my favorite links, movies, music and other important things in life.

The Old Wife's Tales
Original short stories of mystery, horror, dark fiction and the supernatural. Stop by for a spell and apply for one of the Old Wife's awards.

Soul Songs
Poetry Of The Heart{;}

Talismom's Touch
I put lots of love into the graphics I made for this site. Since I am an adoptee the part I am most proud of is a page I call The Memorial Wall. It has plaques in tribute to members of the adoption triad ...

Emilia's Blinkie Obsession
MY site is a blinkie site which has 6 pages of blinkies for anyone to adopt take and enjoy

Mists of Lore
A page dedicated to all the mythical creatures of Lore. {;}

Angels Missing Kids Memorial pages Calling cards Links To Paint Shop pro Info Lots Of Love My psp Frame pages

Hafapea's Universe
A magickally enchanted universe where you can escape from the mundane.

Careless Whispers
{;}My site has lots to offer! all original graphics (unless otherwise noted) made by me especially for you! i also do custom work. :)

Heavenly Ankh
a personal website telling about my life, my causes, and hope.{;}

Bunzee's Shelter
My site is dedicated to women and children seking shelter and guidence from physical and mental abuse.{;}

Shawnas Place
{;}Just my personal site with all my poetry I have written over the past few years. Ihave other suff such as adoptions and alot more. Stop by for a cisit sometime:)

Welcome to P.I.T.A. Join this fun loving community!

MoonPixie's Domain
Lots of fairies, some of my personal writing. A page with quizzes, some dedication pages. My web groups.