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A community for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean movie(s), the ride that inspired it, or want to be a pirate! I accept all sites except the usual. community is currently under construction.

Less Is More
my thoughts, my words, my mind.

Blue Eyes
my personal site

Bella Donna
A slash and general fanfiction site for all characters from Pirates of the Caribbean. Submissions accepted. Part of Noire Sensus.

bloody mary pirates
were just gettin started so its not that great.... but it will be!!!

Really Bad Eggs
A fanlisting for the Pirates of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sparrow Eyes
This is a fansite for all Jack Sparrow fans! Has interactive games to play, wallpapers, avatars, adoptions, fanart, stories, poems, johnny depp movie info, and more just 4 you!

Dishonest Men
Basic PotC fansite with a bunch of stuff to do. ^_^

Savvy Scallywag
A fansite for the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean with tons of interaction. Audio, fan reviews, pictures, magazine articles and scans, an "are you obsessed?" test, and more!

Confessions of a pirate
A personal blog/solo rp of a women pirate. This is my story.

Swords Crossed
A general POTC fansite!

Pillage & Plunder
Fansite To The Ever So Amiable Captain Jack Sparrow

Ashes Fall
This is yet another personal site, except it's mine. Take a look if you don't mind filling your daily oddness quotient in one go, savvy? Shinzon and Haldir live and Jack Sparrow isn't drunk. Well. ...

And My Immortal
This is my personal website. Content includes: information about me, some of my best poetry, my fiction (fanfic includes Harry Potter, Daria, Inu-Yasha, Hey Arnold, and *coming soon* Pirates of the Caribbean), ...

X Marks the Spot
Galleries, Information, Fan sections, Quizes, Anything and hopefully everything about the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Pirates' Yarns
Gen fanfiction by Teresa Coffman for Pirates of the Caribbean.

Where's the Rum?
A Pirates of the Caribbean Fansite with pictures,icons,art and everything else related to the Pirates of the Caribbean that the Webmisstress could find!

Really Bad Eggs
A Pirates of the Caribbean RPG! We have a starter plot for a soon as we get enough players, and then the sky's the limit savvy? Currently taken are Elizabeth and Jack. The Mod is a pretty flexible individual ...

Why is the Rum Gone?!
Pirates of the Caribbean forums. What are you waiting for? Come role play and discuss the movie and the actors.

Dead Men Tell No Tales.com
Purveyor of Pirate Loot

Arg Matey - A Pirtae Game
Dig for buried treasure, mine for gems, buy a ship and be the terror of the seas!