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The Piper Tomahawk tends to be a common first choice for pilots looking to buy an aircraft as it's likely the first type of aircraft that they ever trained in. I guess there's something to be said for familiarity and comfort. And it is for you that this community is for!
Our entire community is dedicated to the Piper Tomahawk and the pilots who fly them or want to. Not a pilot but still an aviation nut? Then you'll love this community too because we've got loads of stuff here. Find Piper Tomahawks for Sale, plus Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals all right here.

Piper Tomahawk for Sale
We have Piper Tomahawks for Sale, Plus Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals. See us for the best selection of Used Piper Tomahawk Airplanes for Sale.

Find Piper Tomahawk for Sale
Looking for Piper Tomahawks for Sale? We have them, Plus Aircraft Information, History and Products, Manuals. See our selection of Used Piper Tomahawk Airplanes for Sale.

Piper Tomahawk for Sale - Good Training, Trips and More

Many a pilot met his or her first Piper Tomahawk during initial flight training. Looking more like a kind of time machine than a flight trainer, the Tomahawk has proven through the years to be a serviceable touring plane for personal use as well. They're also a fairly economical choice for the vaid pilot looking for a Piper Tomahawk for sale.

Before designing the Tomahawk in the mid-seventies, Piper Aircraft polled certified flight instructors to find out what traits they wanted in the new airplane. The CFIs got what they asked for; the Tomahawk, with its big bubble viewport design and roomy interior handles like a big airplane by being responsive to pilot inputs. The cockpit layout of the Piper Tomahawk is geared for safety, with the fuel selector front and center on the console -- obviously important!

The Tomahawk was designed also to teach pilots about two things: stall and spin, the twin terrors of small aircraft. While instructors praise the Tomahawk for its capabilities, its design also has led some instructors to nickname it "Traumahawk."  (A little scary,no??) That's why instructors stress special training in the Tomahawk, because unlike other trainers, the plane won't fly itself out of a spin!

The Tomahawk controls were designed to behave like those of a larger airplane, so they feel heavier than comparable planes its size. Furthermore, the Tomahawk's T-tail causes reduced elevator control response at low airspeeds. This has led to a greater number of stall/spin issues that challenge trainee pilots. However, because of these big-airplane characteristics, the Tomahawk often makes a sound choice as a steppingstone to a larger aircraft. Its big-plane traits also make the Tomahawk a favorite with U.S. Air Force flying clubs. (If it’s good enough for them, then surely it’s a great choice for you!)

The Tomahawk also gets praise for its roomy interior. This is especially the case from the taller pilots who often have to fight with cramped quarters for their long legs! Tomahawk fans say its greatest use after training is as a vehicle for day trips for two people, pilot and passenger. Some also find the Tomahawk an effective budget cross-country aircraft for two people because of its spacious cabin. This is something to consider when one sees an ad for "Piper Tomahawk for sale." Though its performance and operation costs are similar to the Cessna 152, the PA-38 has more shoulder room. It also has good cabin ventilation, using automotive-style air ducts.

One thing prospective buyers should keep in mind, however, is that the Tomahawk wing has a lifetime fatigue limit of 11,000 hours. Some aircraft have nearly that many hours after spending years at flight school. One option currently is to get a set of used wings from an otherwise unusable Tomahawk for a refit. This is a good way to get what you need without having to spend too much. Of course, it’s worth the investment to have a professional take care of the installation if you’re not quite savvy in the repair or restoration department. This would NOT be the time to be too frugal!!