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This community is for sites that have some connection with pinhole photography. For example: pinhole photograph(s), pinhole camera(s), suppliers of precision pinholes or zone plates, etc.

Michael McCarthy ~ Photographer & Artist
Presentation of alternative approaches to photography by Michael McCarthy. Work includes pinholes, images made with toy cameras, work of a wide variety of subjects in color, black and white and alternative ...

Pinhole Photography
A personal gallery of pinhole photographs, notes concerning photography in general and pinhole photography in particular

Pinhole & Beyond
How-to site for building lensless cameras and hybrids called hyperfocal cameras.

The Loch-Lomo ... Yet Another Pinhole Camera
This site describes how you can build a pinhole camera from an old box camera (Agfa Clack). There are also some pinhole pictures from Amsterdam and Portugal, with more to come.

Lensless Camera Mfg., Co.
Pinhole cameras for sale.

Mike's Astronomy and Photography website
A website covecommunity various aspects of photography (including film developers, B&W reversal and pinhole), along with astronomy (including astrophotography).

Whiz Kid Technomagic Zone Plate Designer
Design your own zone plates and megapinholes. Just enter the focal length, wavelength, as well as many optional parameters, and download your plate along with a wealth of information about it.

Robert Mann Photography Pinhole Art Exhibition
The enigmatic photography of Robert Mann. Robert is a master printer and uses pinhole cameras to achieve his ethereal images.

Pinhole Photography by Wanda Scott
A site dedicated to pinhole photography, including instructions on making your own pinhole camera, exposure time charts and developing your pinhole pictures. A pinhole photography gallery, and a pinhole ...

Pinhole Photography Community
Pinhole photographs, information on pinhole cameras and books, plus links to other pinhole sites.

Photographic Mania
Photos (pinhole & other).

Enjoy Pinhole Camera !
I like Pinhole photograph's soft texture. Now, I am studying Zoneplate, it is softer and fascinating me !

Pinhole photographs by Pierre-Olivier Boulant
Pinhole photographs mostly made on whole medium format film: continuous strips of pictures, large (30x6 cm) panoramic pictures and convertered disposable cameras. (lastest update March 14th, 2007)

Ruscelli Portfolio
Gallery Portofolio with digital camera, pinhole camera and toy camera (HOLGA)

Nick's Pinhole Photography
Includes instructional material about pinhole photography, some writing about pinhole photography, a collection of historical citations and articles from the late 19th and early 20th century, and photographs ...

Flying Monkey Studio
A site dedicated to traditional & pinhole photography. The gallery section features Pinhole, Zone Plate, and glass-lens images. There is also a good deal of information and resources for pinhole and large-format ...

Ed Kirkpatrick Photography
My work is a full range of film, paper, and digital images. I use pinhole cameras that range from a 20x24 trashcan to a small peanut can. I prefer the round film plane for the distortion it gives. ...

Integrating Pinhole Light Meter & Shutter Driver
A Light Meter designed for pinhole / zone plate / pinhole sieve or other forms of high f/stop and or low Film ISO cameras. It uses the unique technique of integrating or summing the light energy it receives ...

Zero 612B Pinhole Multi-Format Camera
Zero 612B Pinhole Multi-Format Camera

Boxocam - Urban Pinhole Photography
Pinhole Photography in Black&White by Matthias Hagemann from Berlin, Barcelona and beyond.

Pinhole cameras and pinhole lightmeter
Lochkameras bilden die Realität nicht ab, sondern sie schaffen eine ganz neue, für uns normalerweise nicht sichtbare. Durch die eigene Perspektive der Lochkamera wird der Unterschied zwischen Realität ...