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Click Member link to see site in tvConflicted Mom
The blog's about me, a mom in my early 30s, with a husband and 2 cute kids. Torn between pursuing my interests and sacrificing them for my family.

Irresistible Fascinations
A blog about small things that could turn into irresistible fascinations

Life, Dream, Passion

Eida's Jungle
...deep or shallow ideas. however. whenever. whatever. whichever...

Beauty of Life
Talks about making life beautiful and simple because the things that makes us happy are the things that makes our life beautiful.

Proud Mommy
a blog about life, family and love. a day to day account of a full time mom and wife

The Girlicious side of a woman
talks about relationships, friends, family, love, having kids, etc.

LOVE's Haven
welcome to my place of safety!

adams family
real story and images of my life

Kero's Celebration
I want a great marriage, not a grand wedding. This is my life as a celebration of being a new wife, a new mother, in a new country.

A Girl For All Status
An ex-wife with two adorable and forgiving kids, a bunch of legally married true friends, a family who understands---wanting to be single and independent again... Read my daily misadventures, joys and ...

a Carpenter's Wife's tool box
Personal life experiences and struggles of a carpenter's wife.

Faery Dancing
A young Pinay mommy's attempts at taking snapshots (or finishing up a roll of film) of her life and loves while dancing happily and enjoining everyone to dance with her as well.

Pinay Chicken Heart
This is blog contains the musings of a young mother so much in love with motherhood.

Labyu Bebi
blogging since 2002 about how me and my ex-boyfriend's (now husband) relationship started, up to now that we're already married and blessed with a lovely daughter.

Filipina Tigress
It's about my daily struggles, my personal opinion and my share of laughter about life.

Glimpses of My EveryDay
Call me G. Just shacommunity Glimpses of my Days - that would hopefully benefit or just amuse my old friends and new friends too.

Deranged Insanity
Deranged Insanity by betterthanezrah Random thoughts: A foray into my inner soul and more.

Aeirin's Collections
Collections of mouth watecommunity recipes around the world, love ideas, gadget reviews and more

Pinay Mommies Community
linking filipina mommies and wives worldwide

Sunshine and Merriment
The little corner of the web of a single, stay-at-home mom who loves taking photos, making videos, reading poetry and monologues, fiddling around web 2.0 apps and blogging about her life and her loved ...

Anthology of Snippets
... bits and pieces that make up a whole new quilt of ideas.

Traipsey Turvey
Ever since I've gotten a-hold of a camera, I have been fascinated by it. With the sound of its shutters and the whir of the film. Now that we have gone digital, everything is at my fingertips. The world ...

He says. She says. The battle of the sexes begin.

Aha Mama!
Ramblings of a Pinay Mama about her household - a husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs.

Life's All About...
the bubbles of my thoughts... about my life, love, family, friends... we could talk about anything...being a wife, a mom and a woman as a whole...

Treasured MOM-ents
Motherhood moments away from home and more...

Thoughts In Solitude
Find solace in thoughts and let the mind wander through the intricacies of the psyche. Ride the roller coaster of emotions and face the truth

All About Love
a place where I can truly express myself, my opinions and my thoughts a place where I can type anything ang everything without the needs to edit a place I called my own and it's all about love