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A Pick Me community for all the hostees out there, already hosted or wannabes. Everyone's welcome.

Heavenly Wing Designs
anime, free graphics, azn graphics, requests and lotz moore.

the oddbird
{;}{;}{;}hmmm... the oddbird. sure.

Chocolate Insomnia - or Insomnia for short
Well, this is my webdesign help site; it currently has tutorials, a clique, a couple of javascripts that I came across and wanted to share, and a sheep named Shaun...!{;}{;}

[Changes within Layout]
{;}{;}Personal site.. A beginner, yet advanced.

The Oddbird
It's... pointless!

{;}{;}{;}well..it's mysterious..go find out ya self..

Sakoru Designs
Design site that offers icons, wallpapers, layouts, adoptables... *looking to be hosted* ^_^{;}{;}

You Suck
An original, personal site created by Brynn to let off some steam and to keep the visitors entertained. Tutorials, graphics, and other things are available for the viewer as well as an interesting blog ...

Les Mizerables
Personal site. Has about me page, cliques, fanlistings, links....will add more later on