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Beethoven would be thrilled to know that you can get all of your piano needs and whims taken care of online in this fabulous community dedicated to pianos and piano lovers. Who says you have to suffer for your art??
This community gives you access to all you need to enjoy the piano. You can find Piano lessons, Music, Sheet Music, Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Piano Bench’s, Piano Instruction, Songs and more. The Online Piano Store offers you great deals on everything you need and even offers Piano Tuning and Repair for Lacrosse, Onalaska, West Salem, Bangor, Sparta Wisconsin areas!

The Online Piano Store
Our Online Piano Store has Piano lessons, Music, Sheet Music, Digital Pianos, Keyboards, Piano Benches, Piano Instruction, Songs. We also offer Piano Tuning and Repair for Lacrosse, Onalaska, West Salem, ...

Online Piano Store Is Music to the Ears

How do you sell pianos online? It’s easy – with audio, video and lots of pizzazz!

Yes, even piano stores have made it into the online marketplace, where everything from the finest grand piano to the humblest upright can find itself in the Internet spotlight. Buyers can do everything but tickle the ivories in person through an online piano store.

What’s more, potential piano buyers can save themselves time and effort by “touring” piano stores first through their online web sites. For instance, buyers can search for pianos of a certain make or model, or browse through a directory of photos to see if there’s a style they like – without having to walk miles through stores for similar comparisons.
Most online piano stores offer audio files so that prospective buyers can listen to the sound of a particular instrument along with viewing pictures of the piano from several angles. What works even better for many buyers is when a piano salesman or even the owner takes a turn at playing a piano for an online video. The buyer benefits from seeing a real person playing the piano the buyer may be considering, along with hearing its tone.

While it can be difficult to get a sense of the action of piano keys through an online video, a certain amount of this can be discerned if the buyer pays close attention to the person playing. For instance, watch the musician’s arm and hand muscles. Does he or she seem to putting extra effort into playing? That might indicate a piano with a strong “touch,” possibly making an instrument not suitable for a student or a pianist whose touch on the keyboard is lighter.

Some online piano stores will list their institutional customers, which may be a help to individuals or music school teachers who might like to check with a customer for a reference. Additionally online piano stores often give customer testimonials, blogs or offer message boards or forums on pianos, piano music, playing and other issues.

Many piano stores sponsor music lessons or music teachers and list their classes via their online site. One of the advantages of this practice is that piano students or their parents can better locate a music teacher who’s close to the neighborhood of their home or school.

Because the Internet has broken down the barriers of distance, buyers might find themselves doing business with an online piano store that’s physically located far away from the buyer’s location. This can be a stumbling block for someone who’d prefer to have a hands-on experience of his or her prospective piano. Sometimes the online piano store will recommend a local customer, such as a music school, where the buyer can go to test a similar model of the piano under consideration.

The best online piano stores work with their Internet customers to try to keep down shipping costs and to provide guarantees of workmanship and customer services. These assurances help buyers have confidence in making a purchase from an online piano store no matter whether they're buying something as tiny as a harmonica or massive as a piano!