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A place for parrotheads to go for information and links regarding JB and other like musicians, history and visitors' info on Key West and the Florida Keys. And read some semi-true stories ... the Tales ...

Chicago Parrot Head Club
This site is the official site of the Chicago Parrot Heads.

Capricorn Productions presents Rog & Ray and Corona Brothers
Info on Rog & Ray and Corona Brothers Maine's answer to all Parrotheads

Adam's Parrothead page
My site includes fun Parrothead links about Jimmy Buffett, a short bio, concert dates, a Margaritaville lizard, and other links Parrotheads will enjoy.

Ken's Buffett Page
Lots of pictures and stories from Buffett concerts.

Boatblender - home of the drilled margarita
A portable blender that attaches to your cordless drill. Perfect for boating or tailgating at Jimmy Buffett concerts.

Scott's Music Room
Promotional page for musician, Scott Nickerson.

Dry Ocean Front Property Parrothead Club
This is the official site for the Dry Ocean Front Parrothead Club of Tupelo, Mississippi. It is dedicated to keeping members and interested parties updated on club meetings, events, and all things Buf ...

Tropical Denny - Music to Beach About
Tropical Denny is a blend of country,blues,and reggae that's right off the beach sunsets of the Texas Gulf.{;}It's a guitar on the beach at night with the surf and sea as the back-up band.

1970s Jimmy Buffett Concert Tickets and Handbills
{;}Vintage & Original For Sale: Jimmy Buffett concert handbills (featucommunity a high contrast photo of Jimmy for his Euphoria concert!) and concert tickets from the mid 1970s (including Euphoria Restaurant ...

Union College Parrot Head Club
An unofficial, official parrot head club formed from mostly Union College, NY, alumni. Good times and riches and all of sons of bitches keeping in touch and meeting oothers all over cyberspace

Don Middlebrook/Living Soul
Living Soul and the Pearl Divers have been together for 11 years. This Michigan based band has produced 7 CD's and logged over 200 gigs a year since the beginning. Don Middlebrook is the groups songwriter ...

Ocean Breeze Inn
Parrot Heads in Paradise---for real! As owners of a small inn located in Old Town Key West and members of the Southernmost Parrot Head Club in Key West, we are truly living our dream. Make a reservation ...

Pirates of the Piedmont Parrot Head Club
Parrot Head Club based in Greenville, SC

Welcome to Kona.Kom
This website is dedicated to Kona, the Miligold Macaw -- a ParrotHead by birth and luck!

Buffett Adventures
This site is dedicated to our memories of seeing Jimmy at the so called Tweeter Center, but it will always be Great Woods to us!

COSMIC MUFFIN aka Desdemona's Rocketship
The official site of the real COSMIC MUFFIN aka Desdemona's Rocketship featured in the "Joe Merchant" novel and Banana Wind cd. This comprehsive site shows the entire history of the plane-boat and how ...

Home of Second Wind and Jimmy and the Parrots
The website is for the band Jimmy Buffett Tribute Band, Second Wind (also playing under the name Jimmy and the Parrots).

Parrot Heads of Rochester Hills
A home dedicated for parrot heads. Words to Buffet songs. Pictures etc.etc. and a margarita!!!!!{;}

New Orleans Parrothead Club
New Orleans Parrothead Club home page.

Tampa Bay Parrot Heads in Paradise Club
The official web site of the Tampa Bay Parrot Heads in Paradise Club. The LARGEST Parrot Head Club in the WORLD!!!

Ralph MacDonald
The official site of Jimmy Buffett percussionist and Grammy-award winning songwriter, producer and performer Ralph MacDonald.

Michael's Parrot Head Page
Michael's life and times along the island way. Info on concerts, books, computer toys and much more.

Phins-Up Saratoga
New York Capital District's very own chapter of PHIP. Welcome one, welcome all.... We're small, but growing rapidly....

Phlock of South Jersey
Official site and home of the Phlock of South Jersey. Info on membership, club events, Jimmy Buffett, pictures and a links page. Please check us out.

Off To SEA The Woodro
The Woodro kicks BUTT

*OFFICIAL PHAN SITE - ParrotHeadParadise
A Parrot Head Paradise! Home of the Buffett Blog, this Parrot Head Community site is *Officially dedicated to performers extraordinaire “Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band” and it celebrates the ...

AquAries Productions Home Page
Link page to Buffett related sites and bands

John Frinzi
John is a singer, songwriter and performer. John has performed at the 2000, 2001 and 2003 at MOTM in Key West.{;}

Metro Parrot Head Club
Metro NY (NYC, LI, NJ, CT) Parrot Heads In Paridase Club.

Hiya all!{;} We are site of family, friends, pets and country life. Please come visit and enjoy Wyoming.{;} Take care and stay sweet!

A site for parrotheads to post their pictures from concerts or of any thing relating to Buffett as well as chat with other parrotheads

Songwriter Roger Guth
Roger Guth's Official Web Site with bio, photo, song samples and CD products of his original music for sale. Sponsored by Titlewavemusic.com

JimmyDreamz - Where tequila's the fuel and parrotheads rule!
JimmyDreamz - An original Jimmy Buffett website and{;}a meeting spot for parrotheads that love to party. Tour dates,{;}message boards, live chats, and a host of other{;}Jimmy Buffett related information ...

WDYN Radio
Independent 27/7 Radio Station that plays a lot of Parrothead music!

Songwriter Sonny Russell
Official Web Site for Sonny Russell & The Tropics. Artist profile, bio, photos, CD Merchandise for sale. Original songs on current release "Bimini Twist" feature cowrites with former Coral Reefer and Buffett ...

Loren Davidson - Tropical Troubadour
The music pages for Loren Davidson, singer/songwriter and Buffett music enthusiast. On these pages you will find lyrics, songs and song samples, information on where to find me live in concert, and a link ...

HB Beverly
HB Beverly's music influences include the talented sounds of: James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, John Prine, and Jerry Jeff Walker, Bruce Spcommunitysteen, Southside Johnny, Jerry Lee Lewis, Steve Earle, and ...

Jimmy's Former Yacht/Songs Aboard/Plus
Come aboard Jimmy's former yacht, where many a song was written. There is a lot of Buffett history on this sailing vessel. Site includes pictures & places of some of the ports Jimmy sailed into. You can ...

TLP's Jimmy Buffett themed personal website. Contains personal photos, southern style recipes, Buffet Lyrics, and links.

Cultural Infidel
A personal note from me, links to other parrothead and Buffett sites I like, pics of Jimmy, pics of a painting I had done to the back window of my truck, Parrothead jokes ....

Southern Wisconsin Parrot Head Club
The Loyal Order of the Caribbean Soul - Southern WI Parrot Head Club is a not-for-profit organization donating service in a variety of ways to our community, addressing environmental concerns on both local ...

Shoreline Parrothead Club of West Michigan
The Shoreline Parrothead Club is chartered with and officially recognized by Parrot Heads in Paradise. We are a non-profit organization located in West Michigan whose purpose is to assist in local community ...

Burgerz Parrothead Jewelry
Our site offers fun, handmade jewelry, inspired by sundrenched tropical beaches, turquoise waters, and the music of Jimmy Buffett. Our jewelry features palm trees, flamingos, sand dollars, parrots, margaritas, ...

TJ Walsh
The site is set up to promote myself as a performer and to celebrate the music, the people and the lifestyles depicted in so many of Jimmy Buffett's tunes.

A Parrothead's Shrine
A Buffett page with soul.

Curt's Buffett Buffet
Curt's Buffett Buffet is a smorgasbord of links devoted to the music and laid back way of life of Jimmy Buffett. The web page also features links you'll find useful if you're a devoted Parrot Head. Bon ...

Parrot Head Club of Connecticut
The Parrot Head Club of Connecticut is a not-for-profit group donating service in a variety of ways to our community, addressing environmental, charitable, and worthy concerns on both local and national ...

Australian Parrotheads
Parrothead website with an australian focus

Frozen Fins, Vermont Parrot Heads