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This community is for all those in favor of Bush getting out of office, canceling the war, getting impeached, etc. Just a way for those of us who hate Bush as our president to come together.

Impeach BushCo
Bush is a liar, a criminal,and just an all-around moron. He deserves to be impeached and my page illustrates why. Funny Bush pictures as well as some awful truths behind BushCo and some of the lies he ...

The Twisted Humor of Sheila K. Watkins
THe beginnings of a humor site including humor aimed at the current president. (So far only a couple of parodies but I plan on more)

Push Bush!
This site is a sarcastic, funny and informative protest against our Commander and Thief, George W. Bush.

Only In America
Only In America is a fairly new blog that consistently publishes posts on liberal politics, film (especially independent) and alternative and mainstream music. I (Jonah Walters) compose all the posts, ...