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For the dogs at our hearths and hearts, because Pagans aren't all only cat people. All Pagan traditions, all dog breeds and mixes are welcome to this community. Non-canine animals welcome if accompanied by a dog. If you are a Pagan with a dog, whether you have a site dedicated to her/him or just a mention, or you are inspired by the spirit of the canine, we welcome you.{;}

Under the Feast Hall Table Community
The home page for this community....are you a Pagan of any tradition with a dog of any kind? then please join us!

The Celtic Beast
Hompage of Izzy (Greyhound) - Our Celtic Beast

Pat Fish's Tattoo Santa Barbara
Irish Wolfhounds Nemo and Orla accompany tattoo artist Pat Fish as she fulfills her life mission of bcommunitying the ancient intricate knotworks and interlaces from the Celtic manuscripts and Pictish ...

Coin Geilt! ---the Hounds of Dn Sgthan
Greyhounds by a Celtic Reconstructionist Pagan hearth and a Border Collie cross out in the field, usually... meet Irony, Bran, Scolaighe and Gleann (who moved in July '04). An essay on Celtic Sighthounds, ...

My Aussies
My very Celtic themed site about my 2 deaf Australian shepherds with Welsh names.

A site for those who are interested in wicca, paganism, and or shamanism, or who are looking for help along their chosen path(s).

Atomajac's Wishfull Thinking
Atomajac the Siberian Husky...siberian husky facts, flaws and beloveds. Pagan hound, pagan MoM

The Temple of Ares
An online temple dedicated to Ares, God of War. Includes a page on His hounds - known as bassets to us mere mortals :)

Wizards Mellow yellow lab page
A site expressly for the love of a Yellow lab *G*

Rocko's black lab page
Rocko is his name, Havoc is his game

Theodore, Winston, Fritz, Cosmo, and Buddy Pugdogs
Theodore, Winston, Fritz, Cosmo, and Buddy Pug Dog site. Events, books, pictures, information, and so much fun!!!!!!!!!