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Join in on the latest craze and adopt cyber pets! You can also use this community to be in touch with others who are enjoying this new craze and share tips and information.
This fun little community is all about cyber pets and those who love them! Not sure what cyber pets are? They're online pets that you raise them from little 'puppyz' and 'kittenz' as they live on your computer! Cyber pets are fun and a great way to teach your child responsibility and let's face it -- their fun for all no matter our age!

Your Place to Adopt Cyber Pets
Adopt a virtual pet!Petz: Dogz 5 and Catz 5, dogz and catz live on your computer so you raise them from little puppyz and kittenz as they grow, play together. Fun for kids and adults. Get your downloads ...

Adopt Cyber Pets! Your Petz Await!
Adopt your virtual pets and get in on the fun. The cyber pets craze allows you and your children to enjoy raising 'dogz' and 'catz' that live on your computer so you can have all the fun of pets without ...

Cyber Pets: The Virtual Pet Adoption Craze
Move over Angelina cuz it looks like you're not the only one enjoying the adoption craze! Even kids are getting in on this, though they aren't adopting children but rather virtual pets! Cyber pet adoption is the latest craze among children aged 5 an above. The internet provides the platform for these sites that dazzle children and adults alike. There are many different sites available on the internet, some sites are free to join where as others require a form of payment. Some of these include: Petz 5 like Dogz 5, Catz 5 and others. By having a Cyber pet or EPet children learn to look after an animal without the stress of actually owning one for real. These internet sites are safe and enable chat functions between the children.

Myepets.com is one of these sites; to join you have to buy one of their Epets in a store. They cost from around $10 and behind their collars they have their own unique code. This code is entered into the website which then enables the site to recognize your purchase and level of membership. This is a one time fee and you do not have any further money obligations to pay. You can buy credits for your child to buy things for their pet on line. While online your child is only referred to as their pet’s name that they choose at the beginning of their membership, this ensures their safety whilst online. The children can text message each other but the parents need to approve the options of the messaging service before this service is activated. The service offers such options as “canned text” this option only allows the children to communicate through already defined and created messages which ensure complete safety in their communications between each of them. There is also the option to remove this service from your child or allow freedom in their messages. In the case of no safety options being taken in the messaging service the site uses a bad word filter which locks the child from using bad language and slang words that may sound or spell a bad word. The site is fun yet informative enabling your child to grow with their pet.

Another form of cyber pet is to have one in a hand held device that you buy from your local toy store or online. These pets have the advantage that they are not online games and can be carried anywhere by your child. Some devices have Bluetooth type enabled devices in them that allow each device to interact with the same brand of device owned by another child as long as they are within a few feet of each other. Each small hand held cyber pet have different pets in them. Some allow you to choose from a range given to you where as others are pre fitted and designed for one specific pet that cannot be changed. There are many companies that produce these hand held games and they do not require adult supervision. Many games consoles that are hand held like Game Boy and the Nintendo DS also now have games that require you to look after a pet. The DS has a very famous and renowned game called Nintendo Dogs which was one of their biggest selling games to date. This game also allowed the player to look after a cyber pet in every way that a real pet would have to be looked after without the responsibility of actually owning the dog in itself. What a great way to teach your kids to be responsible without getting stuck with something that whines at the foot of YOUR bed at 4AM for a walk!