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This community is for truly excellent sites that comform to the spirit of PetVille. Sites *must* be pet-related (by, for, or about pets), should encourage animal adoptions, animal rescues, spaying and neutecommunity pets, and/or animal welfare. The site may be about any type of pet, but should be outstanding. Grammar and spelling should be as perfect as possible, unless their is a clear reason it should not be (for instance, if the pets themsleves do the talking). There should be no broken links or graphics. Any music or sounds should have the capability of being turned off by the visitor. The site should be full of interesting, uniques content and should be clearly updated on a regular basis. Commercial sites and Pagebuilder sites need not apply. This community is for the cream of the crop of pet and pet welfare sites.

PetVille Resource Center
This site contains links to sites about pets of all kinds, as well as HTML and PSP tutorials, links to information on animal welfare, animal adoptions, spay/neutecommunity, animal care. Apply for our awards, ...

Jia En & Dixie's Cosy Cottage Of Dogs !!!
Fun-filled and jovial dogsite! Consists lots of interesting links, fun facts and more!

More Than Pets
More Than Pets features stories of formerly homeless pets of a multiple pet family in an effort to promote responsible pet ownership and encourage others to adopt pets from shelters and rescue organizations. ...

Jessie's Paw
Jessie's Paw is the story of my beautiful adopted Border Collie..Jessie came to live with us when he was 6 months old and very much unwanted by his previous owner..You will find many pictures, stories, ...

Lots a Communitys
My site is all about the love for all animals.

Husky Love
My site is all about love for all animals.{;}

Puddy Tat and Tigger Too
This site offers everything for the cat lover. We have cat stories, cat poems, cat photos, cat background graphics, a game room, health tips, animal welfare and anti-cruelty pages and much more all about ...

Hannah's bandanas
2 in 1 Collar Covers 4 Pets! Our Bandanas are designed with a pocket that slides over your pet's collar leaving enough room for the collar buckle or clasp.

Hungry Holler Funerary Gourds
Renowned gourd artist Jan Meng creates personalized funerary gourds for beloved pets. With a loving heart and accomplished hand Jan's eternal gourds feature your pet around the outside of the gourd. Pet ...