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A community for pets who have their very own website or blog. Please note PET OWNERS - this is strictly animals only so if you love your pet and talk about them thats good but its not what this community is about. This is sites BY pets :D Thanks

Tobias Poindexter, a left-leaning Germand Shepard, muses about his life with two moms in North Carolina.

Indy the Husky
Indy is a 5 year old Siberian Husky. He is smart, funny and gorgeous and has a lot of personality! He and his family volunteer with a Husky rescue group and Indy is training to become a therapy dog. Read ...

Miss Emmi Lou's Doghouse
The life of a beautiful Shih-Tzu/Terrier named Miss Emmi Lou...

As the Fur Flies
A Politically oriented, but not too serious blog for 3 cats that reside in Vernon Center, Minnesota. One's an independicat, one's a democat and the other is a republicat!

The China Cabinet Blog
The ramblings and observations of a medium, bug-eyed, red mutt.

Bogart, An Airedale Terrier Puppy Journal
My name is Bogart - I'm an Airedale Terrier. Just a puppy now, I'm growing and explocommunity... this is my blog to share my daily training updates, what annoys me, and how I'm teaching my humans the ways ...

Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd Dog
Personal dog blog of Sam the beautiful all-black German Shepherd dog.

Diario de uma Husky
A diary of a Siberian Husky living in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Pictures, thoughts and adventures of a husky who howls in Portuguese.

Puff has Spoken
A journal about my suburban life and my experiments testing gravity. Sometimes Mom revokes my computer privileges(see above), and my brother Spot writes the entries.

Nimbus The Cat
The definitive resource for all you need to know about Nimbus Cat.

Emmi Lou's Doghouse
My name is Emmi Lou. I'm a beautiful Shih-Tzu/Terrier mix, and this is my bocommunity life.

A Blog Purr-say (per sť
A blog purr-say (per sť) - All about our two cats

Musette, Empress of the Universe
What's there to say about me and my blog? We're great! I'm Musette and I'm IN CHARGE of everything and everyone in my world. Or at least I should be...sometimes those chumps try to thwart me, but I usually ...

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat
Two Whiskonsin Cats, So Similar, So Different

Nina and Sonja
Read about the daily lives of two highly opinionated cats who share my NYC apartment with me. In addition to the cute pics there are also Sonja's crazy political views.

Short Tales of the Tortoise Cat
Cooter the Tortoise Cat takes the Big One out on a stcommunity, like the doggie-folk use to walk their Big Ones. Cooter and her Big One adventure the eastside of Milwaukee WI.

Furry Logic
A blog by and for the cats and dogs.

In the Life of a Pampered Bulldog
Life through the eyes of Cyrus the English Bulldog... also for stud!

Charlie's Blog
A continuous blog for Charlie, a Golden Retriever living in Southern California.

I'm not That Darn Cat. I only look like him. I am an "apple head" or old-fashioned Siamese, forced to share my people and home with a feline of undetermined heritage ten years my junior. I was born in ...

Squirrels are Evil!
Ivy is the one dog standing between the great squirrel conspiracy and the destruction of life as we know it. She posts videos and photos of her adventures battling squirrel-kind.

Doggie's Blog
A little blog by a little dog. Touille is a Chihuahua Terrier mix, aged 17 (in human years) who weighs about 7 pounds. She blogs from a dog's point of view, and includes lots of photos.

Cruxley the Cat
Cruxley is not your typical cat-blogger. He writes primarily about things that concern humans -- things he sees in the news or overhears from human conversations. Sometimes its funny, sometimes scary or ...

Paw Path Cat Blog
A cat blog with posts by our cats, cat articles, information, feline fun, and updates on our cat supply store.

Knee Deep In Fibers
My personal blog about knitting, spinning, all things fiberous and my cats.