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This community is exclusively for members of The Petal Path online organization. If you are interested in joining our group please email or leave a message in the Petal Path guestbook to be considered. No one other than Petal Path members will be added to this community so please don't apply unless you are a member, thank you!

Lady Sylvia's Victorian Parlor
A calm place on the net for those who enjoy The Victorian Era, Poetry, Friendship and much more. Stop by for a cup of tea!{;}

Judy's Victorian Dream
Victorian era, when times were at a slower pace with glamor,charm and beauty.

Heart Gifts
Heart Gifts is filled with pages about gifts that can only be given from the heart. They don't cost a cent! Time, kindness, friendship, love, home, compassion, inner beauty, joy, life, womanhood, motherhood, ...

Lady Lyla's World
My poetry, words of wisdom, lots of family and fun pages and photography.Music and all about my life

Grandmother Sunshine
My dedication pages to the memories of my grandmother Edith Gray of Roxbury, MA and her values and traditions passed down to the next four generations.{;}

Linda's Musings
A site of poetry, stories and musings

My site is about my family, friends, graphic web-designs, and poetry...{;}

The Little Creek Site
A small site about the Lakota Sioux Indians and Native Americans in general. Mostly inspired by DreamWorks movie "Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron."{;}

The Petal Path
Online organization for women seeking friendship! We are a by invitation only group so if you would like to join please send us an email or sign the petal path guestbook. Thank you :)

Victorian Charm
A virtual tour of the Victorian Era. Covecommunity topics such as etiquette, art, literature, and architecture of this period.

Seasons of the Heart
Personal website with information about me, my family, and life. Includes monthly picks: books, movies, recipes, and more!

Annie's Friendship Garden
AFG is filled with loads of useful gardening information and tips. Not to mention links to online card shops, cyber adoptions, and cross stitching!

The Realms of Fey Arte of Faeries
Three realms of romance, fantasy & Victoriana in one: Krys' Place, my personal site -- Web Designs by Fey Arte of Faeries offecommunity web design & graphics for all your web needs -- Fey Arte of Faeries' ...

Carol's Parlor
My site is Victorian. It is dedicated to my family, friends, and my male cat-Sammy-Am.{;}

I have Quilts,Special Page along with Prayer Page.Causes and Dedication.And my Causes Page.