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Community for members and friends of Parma Eruseen, a Lord of the Communitys fanfiction archive and forum (http://www.parma-eruseen.net)

Realm of Arda
A quaint forum created to discuss the many topics of LotR and Tolkien. It's small now, but I know it will grow.

Eowyn of the Rohirrim
An homage to Tolkien's brave heroine.

Prince of Ithilien
The official Faramir fanlisting

The official Merry fanlisting

A small fansite dedicated to Éomer.

Eowyn's Musings
Eowyn's Musings features the writings of me, Eowyn. I'm writing both Lord of the Communitys and Harry Potter fanfic ... though currently I'm rather into my Haldir / Éowyn story. Eowyn's Musings also offers ...