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Where the deity complex and insanity meet...originally. Since being created, the g.com site has become a place of insight not only for goldriders and goldrider hopefuls, but also for admins or hopeful ...

Draigh Weyr
Draigh Weyr is a three crator Weyr! It is the biggest Weyr Pern has ever known, holding up into the thousands of dragons with up to five or six golds. It was actually started at the same time as Benden ...

Jenna of PernMUSH
Character page for Jenna and Niyath of PernMUSH's Fort Weyr. Includes comprehensive Pern links as well as information on current projects at Fort.

Official Smithcraft Homepage
The official homepage for Smiths on PernMUSH.

Tirpetz' Tales' Anne McCaffrey Pages
This page is my tribute to Anne McCaffrey, it doesn't deal solely with the Dragonriders of Pern series, but I'd have to say its about 80% pern. Can't avoid it and who'd want to? I love Pern.

Jenaith's Weyr
A website devoted to Anne McCaffrey's Pern, including information on Pern, dragons, and dragonhealing and related topics.

Sora: Catiminith's Cutie and High Reaches Weyrlet
Sora, rider of blue Catiminith at High Reaches Weyr, and her character page for Harper's Tale MOO. Contents include Catiminith's inspiration, logs, as well as the various descs and history that go along ...

Roles of Pern
Are you new to Pern RPG and need help finding a Weyr? Or are you an owner and looking for a new way to get your Weyr advertised to gain new members? If so, then you've come to the right place! {;}{;}{;}{;}{;}Roles ...

Mornings Dawn Weyr
We're an approved PBeM Weyr set in an alternate 3rd pass over in the Far Western Continent. A not so recent plague and the beggining of Fall has left the Weyr and hold in shambles! Now Ista has kidnapped ...

My Pern MOO Characters
Just a little place for me to display my characters and a little about me.

The Harper's Window
Due for re-vamping, but still around, The Harper's Window is Pernese fan art of fandom characters and dragons set in a stained glass theme.

Cailith's Weyr
A home for my main PBEM character and her dragon also containing some of my favourite art and links.

Welcome to the Farmcraft of Harper's Tale
Website for the Farmcraft of Harper's Tale MOO

New Hope Weyr
Visit us and recognize an epic, Meet us and uncover friends, Join us and realize a dream.. to become a dragonrider at New Hope Weyr!

The Dragonezz Den
pern thread dragons lessa f'lar ramoth covers

Dragon Sorcerer's Lair
Dragon Sorcerer's Lair is a site dedicated to Anne Mccaffrey and the Dragonriders of Pern, including a who's who on Pern!

Denbe Weyr, Alternate 12th Pass
This is the site of Denbe Weyr, Alternate 12th Pass. We are an approved offline Weyr and share our timeline with 3 other active Weyrs.

Ruins Weyr
Ruins Weyr is based on Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern (tm). Writers and poets are welcome into this approved PBeM community. Anyone with an interest in Pern can join; from lowly drudges to holders! ...

Wild Roam Weyr
A PBeM based in an alternate pre 4th pass timeline. Based in the Southern Continent with a plague having just nearly wiped out Pern and only a decade to go before the next pass of the Red Star.

Shades of Blue
A personal home page for my fandom characters, who live in Fort Weyr of the 13th Pass on Pern. Meet Lineve, A'len and the crew.

Lenagra Weyr
Some weyrs take themselves seriously, other weyrs less seriously. Here at Lenagra we're still trying to work out how to spell "serious." Seriously, it's suprisingly tricky. {;}{;}8 years into the pass, ...

Virtual Pern
Not yet finished, will resubmit when it is!

Tamar of Pern's Homepage
Tamar, now Tam, is a brownrider at Xanadu Weyr in the Southern Continent. These pages document her adventures, as well as go into some of my own personal interests

believer's home of Dragons and Romance
This is the home of a dragon lover. On every page you'll find something to do with dragons but it's so much more - virtual gift links, Pern link on my Cool Links page, a history of my dad a Dutch soldier ...

Torayan Weyr
Approved, alternate Eighth Pass PbEM Weyr. We are a friendly club, dedicated to involving all our members in varied storylines, and welcome all role-players with good writing skills and a reasonable knowledge ...