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Perfumes – Ideal to create a lasting impression

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils and aroma compounds that produces a pleasant fragrance.The word “perfume” has been derived from the Latin word "per fumum", meaning through smoke. The art of making perfume began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, which was further refined by the Romans and Persians.


Perfumes are an essential part of the beauty industry. There are different kinds of perfumes available for men and women. The gender factor is taken into consideration while making fragrances. For men, the perfumes are generally strong. On the other hand, women’s perfumes are rather soft and sweet symbolizing the delicateness a woman generally carries. Flowery perfumes are light and feminine, whereas perfumes with a citrusy smell are feminine and evoke feelings of lightheartedness and fun. Musky and woodsy smells give a sporty feel.


The selection of perfume depends upon the occasion one would be attending. There are wide ranges of perfumes with different degrees of strength of the scent. Some are subtle and subdued, ideal for a job interview or corporate meeting while others are incredibly strong but ideal for a social gathering.


The Fragrance wheel is a new concept that has been widely accepted in the retail and in the fragrance industry. The five standard families consist of Floral, Oriental, Woody, Fougère, and Fresh. The former four families are considered to be more “classic”, while the latter comprises of citrus and oceanic fragrances. It is better to buy perfume from a departmental store if you are trying a new brand. You can test the sample before purchasing. On the other hand, online perfume stores offer large savings discounts on your favorite perfume. Online perfume stores offer wealth of information and enable customers to compare prices between perfumes. The online stores present a long list of perfumes for a wide spectrum of customers. Perfumes are ideal to create a lasting impression.

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