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{;}A place to share and enjoy poetry

Mad Poet's Lair
Site dedicated to amateur poetry, lyrics, short stories and various other scribblings and doodles. Submissions welcome!

Lady Pablova's World
My world Ű fantasy. Includes shrine to The Last Unicorn and The Labyrinth. Banner exchange, community, poetry, fics... An entire world! So much stuff for a traveler to get lost ;)

Before the Storm
Enter the Dragon Pub and listen to my story. Or enjoy the stories of my friends.{;}Do you have some tale to tell yourself? I will gladly listen.

A Little Bit Of Poetry
A collection of poetry written by me over the last few years. Mostly about love, but there's a couple of concept and metaphor poems in there.

The Mobile Suit Journal
Mobile Suit Journal{;}This is a forum for shacommunity creative Gundam stories. Here you, like me, can be whatever you want as long as it`s in the Gundam Universe. Write yourself into the story! Create ...

Crow Poetry
::Crow Poetry::Awards Program::Submit Poetry::

The Circle of the Dragon
Unlock the mystery that is the dragon! The Realism of dragon existence, dragon history, dragon artwork, different types of dragons - and more!

Kryss' Kreations
A place for my stuff. Poetry, stories, graphics, memberships, Cancer the Crab, humor and more.

DarkSilver's Den
DarkSilver's home on the web. Featucommunity a variety of furry artwork galleries. Information on commissions, prints, and much more. Legends of the Dracat coming soon..

Aria's Stars
This is a site for the romantic; for one who loves life,one who lives in and out of the clouds, believes in fairies, angels, castles and knights; for one who tastes the rain, touches leaves, and still ...

Marie-NoŽlle Dumaz, french illustrator
Illustrations for children's books and other works

~A Poet's Heart~
A Poet's Heart is a site of beautiful poetry written from the heart of magic. These pages are filled with the words of fabulous poets expressing their lives and their loves. Relax and enjoy the essence ...

Morningstars Dream
Ones dreams and hopes. With stories and images of dragons, angels, mermaids. Childrens stories with mice and caterpillars. The childrens stories are quite animated with gifs.

The Windharper
A personal site with my original poetry and some essays.

Maaginen's Keep in the Sythian Forrest
A fantasy site also immersed with RPG. Has interesting things. Also 'trashlands' for further older items that may still interest people.

Dawn of Dragons
Escape reality and follow the adventures of Dawn, Milo, and the rest in the fantasy/romance/drama series, Dawn of Dragons! New chapters added regularly.

AngelEyez24 Poetry
poetry writeen by myself.

Percy Wells
Official website of Percy Wells, author, poet, artist. All original, all insane. We invite you to come take a look. Join the mailing list for updates.

Fantasy Gathecommunity
Mostly RPG-oriented. It has a library with information, profiles that RPers can submit, etc.

Dyzan Domain
Medieval Fantasy. Apply For My Award. Grab some Medieval Bars, Backgrounds, Buttons, Animations. Send Cards, Add Links. Read a Story of Dragons, Knights, etc.. Read about Castles of Scotland. Read about ...

Starlight Inn & Tavern
Midevil fantasy Free Form RPG

Fairy Hollow
My site is dedicated to the belief in Fairys. I have books, greeting cards, graphics, tips on attracting Fairies to your home and garden, and much more...Come enter the Mystical World Of Fairies.

David Atwell's Alternative History
This site explores the "what ifs" of human history. Witness the changes to Earth history from World War 2 that sees a future of a large space facommunity civilisation as humans explore & spread out into ...

Three and a half decades of original writings, musings and thoughts which I hope you will enjoy. I have all my graphics on special pages for those who are not interested in reading poetry, prose, haiku ...

Fly's Chamber
500 Dark/Angel/Fantasy Graphics. Backgrounds, Jpgs, Gifs, Animations, and more!!!

Fairy Sweet Songs Realm
Visit my realm where the fae fly free and the dragons and unicorn romp & play. If ye be tired, sit on a shroom and read a fairy tale or visit my fantasy artists. When you leave, you too will say, "I ...

Esoteric's Fantasy art and Poetry; Yasira, Sithi meeting Place
Esoteric's Website is divided into two sections; one covers my personal art and poetry. The other is called "Yasira", which is dedicated to author Tad Williams elvish race the Sithi. You will find fan ...

Ripples features contemporary poetry by Deborah Beachboard.

Dreamworks by Dee
Dreamworks contains original writings and poetry for everyone-on beautiful grahics. You'll find fantasy artwork, lake and snow applets on some pages. This site is about LIFE!

Red Dragon's Lair
The lair of the red dragon Faelenx, where a hoard of poetry, stories, graphics, art, music, and other dragon treasures await you!

Wiseman Publications at Authorsden
An eclectic and versatile group of writings from the nationally acclaimed author Tyler Joseph Wiseman. Feel free to sign the message board, including your favorite magazines or personal web pages if your ...

Poems from the Graveyard, The Next Generation
The 'all new' Poems from the Graveyard web site. This is a truly unique experience. Get inside the head of an ex - undertaker. Poems, jokes, pictures of cemeteries and churches from around the world. Read ...

Warriors Within
Medieval stories and poems of magicial times when dragons soared and brownies dance to wicked tunes of new. Major story of friends and I embarked on a journey back in time to face the evil of a dying ...

Quantum Muse
Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative stories and art. For free. In our sober moments...

The Sanctuary
Welcome to The Sanctuary. This is a site for new artists and writers to bare their soul to the world...It started out as just a place for the host-myself to showcase her work, but has grown to showcase ...

Northside Writers Home Page
Features the stoies, articles, and poetry, from a writing group from Western New York.

Email Signatures By SultryRose
cool email sigs for webtv users this site was designed by a webtv user for webtv users.

Keri Robertson's Poetry Pages
My poetry. Here you will find no fancy rhyme or meter, but what you will get is honesty. From poems of fantasy to poems of stark realism, they are all me.

Spirits Of The Midnight Sun
A collection of poetry by Joseph D. Greenwood. "Limitation is death, imagination is infinite. Live in the infinite and forever dream of things other."

Think of Me !!
The poems of my daughter who was murdered on 21 July 200...

Rustlings of the Wind
Quartely webzine. Poems and stories from the depths of the soul, sometimes neurotic, sometimes passionate, sometimes awkward, sometimes strange, sometimes... normal.

Nothing can come of Nothing On line poems
A small poetry site where you can read or submit poems.

Fantasy Home Page
Where the Fantasy Becomes the Reality.

My Path
I share of my path to truth, love and light through my poetry; the passion, the pain, the triumphs, and most of all, the joy of life.

Phil's Place
Stream of consciousness, dream image, and meditation insight entries, with links and illustrations.

Shadows in the Night
Poetry, Art, Linkware and awards, something for everybody.

Divine Whispers
Original poetry from the Heart, Mind, and Soul of the site owner. Come and enjoy the spirit of her name.

Chez Maj: the Author's Domain
A site with fiction, poetry, plays, and a novel preview or two. The fantasy genre is a favorite.

Outlaw by Design
Beautiful unique linkware graphic websets. Most of them are of a fantasy nature which would be perfect for many fantasy and poetry sites.