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This community is for all people who love pets. Animals are their lives and everyone who has a good webpage for animals, please come join us.

Lainey's Page
This is about my family and friends and the cats I have now. There is also a pet memorial,a page on other pets I've had, recipes and much more.

Teddies Galore
Teddies Galore is a peek into my{;}collection of Teddy Bears of all sizes.{;}On this site are places to view/buy {;}"custom" Bears,adoption sites, a place{;}to enter your Beanie Bear in a "Dress-Up" contest...Teddy ...

Jake's World
mainly about saint bernards writtne from the dogs point of view

Noir's Den
Just a kitty at heart.

Chows of Do-Right
Beautiful Chow Chows from well established champion bloodlines. Selectively bred for beauty and temperament. Family raised and well socialized for companionship or the show community.

The BratCats
A comprehensive site for and about cats and home of The Top 50 Feline Sites List, The Bratcats Community, The Community Of Geocities Cats, The Bridge Babies Memorial Community, The Save Innocent Lives--Spay ...

Belgian Lover's Palace
Visit my dogs at Belgian Luver's Place. Also join our communitys, sign our guestbook, win our awards, and more. Also visit Spencer the Terverun, Haven the Dalmatian, and Rocky the rescue Greyhound.

Clueless in Indiana
A site dedicated to my Boston Terrier family and to kindness to all animals everywhere.

Tripod Greebo
Come in and meet Tripod Greebo, a lovely spotted kitty with three legs who will tell his story and share anecdotes about his 8 other housemates and some Pekingese doggies.

Brandi's Dog House
My site is about my dog Brandi Girl. I also have alot of links, pix, 3 communitys and an award you can apply for. There is also alot of informational links.{;}

Meow City
A Peaceful place that offers many catagories to follow. From learning about your friendly feline to helping find missing children, POW/MIA dedications and environmental causes.

Feline Forest
Let Purrsian & her friends lead you to feline adoption, causes, health/care, nutrition, diseases, books/videos, gifts/products, stories/tips and more.

Challenged Companions
Challenged Companions is dedicated to those "special needs" animals that survive against all odds and show us true spirt and courage each day. Whether blind, crippled or faced with other health problems, ...

Our Web Home
Welcome to "Our Web Home" where you will meet {;}Diarmid & Alexander - two Westies, Michael & {;}Padraig - two kitties and human Mom Laurie. {;} Learn about us, our furAngels and much, much more!

Peaceful Kingdom community Homepage
This is the home site of the Peaceful Kingdom Community. All types of pets and animals welcome but sites must be safe for children and friendly to animals.

Harraden's Habitat
A fun site with lots of things for birdie people, great help links for homesteaders, and just a general good ol' southern belle website.

Black Rock Ranch
Black Rock Ranch is home to Genghis Kahn, Nikita La Femme and other kitties plus we have our Schipperkes, Lt and Ace, other dogs and 2 horses. Lots of info on animals, search and rescue, and more!

Homepage of Fiercetigress
The Fiercetigress Homepage is a website about animals. There is a page for wildlife, horses, and for Zircon Cardigan Welsh Corgis, our dog breed of choice. There is also a Literature page and a Recommended ...

My Forever Friend
A memorial website dedicated to my forever cottontail friend Shoo-Fly. Also the home of the Forever Friends Candle Memorial Site.

Brinkys Felines
A place to find information on feline health, care, nutritiion, diseases, books, videos, gifts, products, causes, read humor and much more.

Reptilia's Angel
Informational site to help those learn better ways to take care of their animals.