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The Quest

Presbyterian Minister\'s Journal - by Apostle John
Occasional writings from a father of two, husband of 30+ years, recently orphaned, 53 year old Presbyterian Minister in a South Florida congregation.

Central Park Bench
Welcome to my park bench from which we can notice and discuss the traces and signs of God's presence and activity in the center of Tarentum, Pennsylvania. Have a seat. Relax and take a look around. Something ...

Preacher, Blogger or Procrastinator
Sometimes serious, mostly fun - never obnoxious (if you agree with me). Posts include pastor musings, the occasional memes and laughing at myself.

Get Her Words Out
Thoughts of a transgendered Presbyterian seminary student.


Yeah, But Houdini Didn't Have These Hips
Life, the universe, and motherhood according to me. I'm a Presbyterian, a feminist, a liberal, and mom to an amazing little girl with Down syndrome. All that is reflected here, along with whatever I might ...

The Eagle and Child
Seeking the true, the good, and the beautiful -- and how they point to God.

My site is a variation of the inane and the insane. I am a Presbyterian campus minister excited about the Emergent conversation as it can relate to Progressives in our denomination

always reformed; always reforming
weekly ramblings on the intersection of God and humanity for no one in particular. Virtual Circuit Rider is a seminarian in the middle of the United States. VCR maintains anonymity for no other reason ...

Vision 2010
a discussion for Presbyterians to share ideas relating to church growth, engaging community and making disciples

Catechisms and Cataclysms
Reflections by a student at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

My Backyard

Decloaked Views
Decloaked Views From One Who Follows Jesus. Commentary and insights ducommunity my faith journey.

Barefoot in Israel/Palestine
Marthame Sanders is a Presbyterian minister. From 2000 to 2003, he and his wife Elizabeth lived in the Palestinian Christian village of Zababdeh. While there, they kept a daily journal.

Heaven's Highway
A daily devotional based on a simple Bible verse. Commentary about current events and faith journey episodes from my life and ministry in Scotland and the USA

The blog of a PC(USA) minister who has just returned to school to work on a PhD in Pastoral Theology and Care.

Broken Bonds Loosed Chains
musings of a devoted follower of Jesus Christ

The Gruntled Center
Faith and Family for Centrists

Occasional Sightings of the Gospel
A blog filled with sightings of the gospel which we often overlook in our harried, hurried lives.

Colors and Light seeks connections between doctrine and life, considecommunity fundamentals of Reformed theology and contemporary church life.

A place to creatively think outloud, never apologizing for trying to be faithful.

180 Youth & Family Life Ministries
Reaching youth and families for Jesus in a fresh, relevant, relational way.

Del Cristo Desplazado
A short term blog ducommunity my term of service as an accompanier with the Presbyterian Church of Colombia

The Real Journey
A view of the life of a disciple in Southern California in 2007

:: What Next? :: News and Commentary

Are You Thougthful?
Are You Thoughtful? is a blog that seeks to help Christians wrestle with difficult questions by stimulating informed conversation and reflection about living faithfully in a complex world. We are part ...

I'm a Presbyterian minister in Salisbury NC blogs about politics, religion, sports, and anything else I feel the strange need to opine about.

Mark Time
A once and future member of the Presbyterian Church (USA). This blog talks about whatever I want it to. At the moment, that is the story of my return to a church after a 15 year absence.

A Pastor's Cancer Diary
On December 2, 2005, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. In this space, for my own sake as well as for my family and friends, I am keeping a journal of this experience.

Glimpes of Grace

Biblical, Theological, Philosophical, Literary, Musical, Film and Political musings.

Grace in the desert

this far by faith
this blog's a journey-in-faith, with theological, graphic design and other outtakes on my current life.

desert spirit's fire!
Desert Spirit's Fire is an ecumenical celebration of God's Word Incarnate, Jesus Christ, a festival rejoicing in all creation, and a whimsical view of my frequently passionate theology.

The Hallead Family Weblog
The Hallead Family Weblog of their life and ministry in the PC(USA) mission field

Aaron's Beard
A Liturgy for Sunday mornings that encourages congregational participation throughout the worship service. Healing prayers are included.

Bill's 'Faith Matters' Weblog
The Faith columnist of The Kansas City Star, who also is a Presbyterian elder, writers about matters of religion and ethics.

Make of yourself a light,
a new pastor seeking god in the world (and the church)

images, thoughts and activities of a pilgrim

Dancing in the Ruach Elohim
Questions, Thoughts, and Random Mind-Wandecommunitys of a Single, Female, Music-Loving, Jeans-Weacommunity, PEZ-Collecting, CSI-Watching, Sleep-Wanting Presbyterian Pastor

Celebrating the Mundane
Photo 365 blog for 2007 and beyond.

Apologies To Eutychus
An obscure preacher writing obscure thoughts about church, life, and theology, which are occasionally read by those who wander aimlessly into my blog site.

Tribal Church
This blog is dedicated to young adult church leaders or a who wants to reach out to people in their twenties and thirties, in concrete and realistic ways.

One Small Place in the World
Reflections from a Presbyterian Pastor about his church in Berkeley CA and the neighborhood.

Mined Splattecommunitys
Socio-Historico-Ridiculo-Theological slag from the delved cranium of a biophile.

The Spoiled Dinner Party
A generally conservative perspective on matters of faith, culture and politics.

Hawks, Dawgs, and Jesus
My journey with Jesus...and the Atlanta Hawks.

Always Reforming
The ongoing jounral/blog of a new pastor trying to better understand how God wants him to serve and who he is called to be, what he can do to be a better person/husband/pastor, and how to have some laughs ...