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Pocket Bishoujo - Gotta Catch 'em all

My captures
My pocket Bishoujo catches are on the bottom

Who Likes Who?
My site is dedicated to pacommunity up characters from different anime in all of the possible non-yaoi pacommunitys. I updat frequently and have pics, cyberpets,bishis, music,links and maybe fanfics and ...

Anime Kingdom
anime and Bishoujo

Sailor Planet Power
We have everything from collectables to profiles!!!

The Mouse Hole
A ReBoot site dedicated to Mouse, tons of screen caps, fan art, fan fiction ReBoot theamed cursor tails, java script games, winamp skins and tons more!

Simple Pleasures
Simple Pleasures (an RfP site) is meant as a calm oasis for anime lovers and Internet junkies. Visit over 200 Pocket Bishonen and Bishoujo catches.

ThisSideUp - no need for a normal life...
This Side Up, (name taken from how Tenchi wants his life back to normal) contains everything you have been searching for without all of the clutter! Over 50 animated Gifs, Galleries, Fanart, Polls, Episode ...

Sailorusagi's Pocket Bishoujo
The bishoujo I've captured and my reasons for each individual one.

Destined to Digimon!
A Digimon site with lots of info, updates, bishies, and more you can expect at this site.