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A community designed to link all things fantasy. If you've got a PBeM (Play By e-Mail) club, then so much the better! If not, then join anyway. As long as your site has a fantasy theme we're more than welcome to have you join us!

Upsilon Weyr
Upsilon Weyr is a 16th Pass Pern Weyr. It has been created to help ease the overcrouding in many Northern Weyrs. Upsilon Weyr is located in the crater of a dead volcano. Caves larger than the biggest Queen ...

Andromeda Weyr
Welcome to Andromeda Weyr. This is a RPG Full-posting style Club. The Weyr is set in the 16th. Pass. Andromeda is located on a tip of land that stretches from the Southern Continent into the Southern Sea ...

OceanFalls Weyr
Set in the Thirteenth Pass, AIVAS was found filled with information, but not functioning. Jazdylyth has clutched twenty-two eggs, with one a gold. Many ranks are open, including Senior Weyrwoman! Visit ...

DragonWings is a Pern PbEM club based on the works of Anne McCaffrey. Tropical and polar Weyrs, outlaws, pirates, Holds & Halls, a very interesting background and history, with an engaging scenario, many ...

Blood On The Moon
This RPG is based in Paris, France. It's a feud between Werewolves and Vampires over who rules Paris. The Humans are stuck in the middle, some are trying to become like the night people others are just ...

Melpomene Weyr
An Alternative Eighth Pass Pern, in the Drake's Lake region of the Southern Continent, Melpomene Weyr was built to hold the misfits and rebels that were crowding the Northern Weyrs.

Semling Weyr
Semling Weyr is an Alternate 10th Pass PBeM that has been around since April of 2000. We were recently reapproved and have lots of ranking spots open for people who wants to play with new people!

Muskilia Weyr
A general information site for the YahooGroups! PBeM Muskilia Weyr. This new Weyr has all positions available and a Flight imminent.

Shyara's Fantasy Graphics
A site of my favorite art from around the web!{;}

Fantasy Art
A site of wizards and mermaid pictures

Tani's Weyr
A site of graphics, writing, odds and ends. All fantasy related.

Wave Dance Weyr
All about Wave Dance Weyr PBeM! Everything, or almost everything, you want to know about Wave Dance, including Rules, Character bios, contact information, persona application, and more.

Children of Sirius
Long after the Great Demonic War on Sirius, Queen Morvenna and the Heroes of Sirius opened an ancient portal into another world - Lacerta. In order to prevent such a demonic war occucommunity on another ...

Dorado Weyr
An alternate time line ninth pass weyr, Play-By-E-Mail Writing group, based on Perns Southern Continent.{;}{;}

Meteor Cove Weyr
It is the end of 11th Interval, in the turn 2891. In Meteor Cove Weyr the majority of dragons and people are no longer male or female, but are instead intersex. Meteor Cove was left to cope on its own, ...

Telgar Weyr 7th Interval
Telgar Weyr is a Pern Fandom club set in the 7th Interval. Pern is divided, Thread will be falling in only 10 Turns, and Telgar's only queenrider has died. The fate of the Telgar bloodlines will rest ...

Ista Weyr RPG
Welcome to Ista Weyr an Alternate Ninth Pass Pern Roleplay Game for both new and experienced Roleplayers. Ista Weyr in the Ninth Pass has become over-shadowed by the prestige of the other Northern Weyrs. ...

Time of the Equestdorian
An unique fantasy bonding rpg set in the times of war. Originals are welcomed and loved.

Arg Matey - A Pirate Game
A Pirate game MMORPG. A new game still growing as of Sept 2008.

Azedor Weyr
Azedor Weyr is a friendly Play By E-Mail RPG based strongly on the canon Pern developed in the "Dragonriders of Pern " novels by Anne McCaffrey. If you're looking for a new Weyr with fresh ideas and an ...