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The only Community for Squidoo lenses.

PaxLamprey's Nexus
Welcome to my central lens- my Nexus. This lens focuses on science fiction, fantasy, games, and the science fiction community. It is a jump-off point for my other pages, lenses, and blogs.

DragonFable Crafting: Pets
DragonFable gives players an opportunity to "build" and train pets. This lens focuses on those pets.

Updates, news, reviews, and game log for virtual pet games including Neopets.

DragonFable Crafting: Defender's Items
This lens looks at the rewards available for defending the good people in the world of DragonFable. These items are crafted from special gems and medals.

Thieves World
Information about the Thieves World books, with links for deeper exploration of the books, including links to authors' homepages and links to the Amazon page for each book.

CaliMar's Introduction to Anime
Anime, or Japanese cartoons, are finding strong popularity in America. Here's a jaunt into the world of anime.

Authors of Thieves World
A complete guide to all the authors who had contributed to the Thieves World novels and anthologies.

ScifiTroll's Browser Game Lens Archives
ScifiTroll focuses on RPG browser games, of Science Fiction and Fantasy varieties.

A Blogger's Tool Kit
This is a guide to the essential items for creating a blog.

Sarcasm :/
We need another site about sarcasm. Sure we do.

Pimp Empires
Pimp Empires is a free online multiplayer game created in August 2004 as pimpwarsonline.com going live on the 23rd of the same month with two games. Red (orginal) and Blue (beta test). Red game would feature ...

A Closet for my Squidoo pages
A closet created just for my lenses to hang in. Love that Squidoo!