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Ordinary people - military minded - in support of God and country.

A pro-military blog about true voice, real stories and life.

Bear Creek Ledger
Patriot, Conservative and Troop Supporter. \"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing\" -Albert Einstein

Keep My Soldier Safe
The life of a MS soldier (and his family) who was deployed to Iraq in January 2005 to fight for our country.

Ma Deuce Gunner
Stories and commentary on US involved events on the War On Terror.

This blog is my way to vent about politics, promote the U.S. and it's Armed Forces.

Big Al's Army Life
Big Al's Army Life is an online diary of the deployment of a National Guard nurse out of Mississippi, written by his fiancée.

Flags International
Flags International offers premium quality custom flags, Flagpoles, American flags, state flags, international flags, military flags, religious flags, sports flags, and more. Unsurpassed customer serv ...

The Last Soldier
A place family member of all military branches is welcome to come for support and friendship or just to share their stories.

Rightwing Guy
News and Opinion

Military Muscle
A Soldier in the National Guard randoms thoughts and raves.

Soldiers' Angels of Alabama
Soldiers' Angels of Alabama (a.k.a. 'Bama Angels') is a group of volunteers -- military and civilian -- living in Alabama. We are supported by the Soldiers' Angels Foundation and many private donors. ...

The Conservative Guy
A politically conservative website.